Remember that Free, All you can drink table at Oktoberfest…well..

As always I’m a little bit behind on my blogging duties. I need to post a story about Sunday night where going to Oktoberfest it turned out that we had a complimentary table and free drinks all night.

Imagine my surprise that when speaking to Nina on the phone the other night it turns out that this wasn’t the case.

She drops or me the following. Her friend who has a friend who works in the brewery (this is legitimate and verified by her friends) apparently chewed the arses off of the waiters on the Sunday night.

Nina checked and then doublechecked that the drinks for the table were complimentary so as you might imagine we all went for it. Turns out that this wasn’t a good idea from me in more ways than one.

So there we are all happy as Larry drinking and eating and then we leave, thanking the waiters I’m tipping them as we do. It’s customary to tip the waiter with every drink because after all they have a damn hard job.

Turns out that this wasn’t the case. Somehow in the miraculously efficient world of Germany there had been an error. The net result of this is that the table for the night is going to cost €750. Thank God this is between six of us.

To further complicate things, because it was a free table the friends of the friends that shared the table with us invited their friends into the tent to come in share a drink with us. of course it was the impossibly attractive women who invited in possibly attractive men.

So I asked Nina the question why did she asked me about this before now?

Apparently she was a little bit embarrassed and I said considering all we went through at the weekend that’s just stupid. Then she said it is like winning the lottery if something seems too good to be true at times you don’t want to question it.

Well I know that logic LOL I’ve used that a few times myself.

So it’s all pretty interesting. Before we started the night I said I would pay friendliness drinks because she was saving me an absolute fortune by me not having to stay in a hotel. To be fair she bought lunch which might have only been €35 but you know me. I’m a sucker for things like this.

I’m trying not to be cynical here, I really am. But bitter experience rears its head and the timing of telling me this a couple of days before she goes away on holiday seems a little strange.

I might have been more inclined to offer to help pay her half of our combined bill if it wasn’t for the fact she told me she was going to meet a “hot guy from Tinder to show her around Hamburg”.

Couple that with the delightful story of her losing her underwear to a guy she met the night after I left the Oktoberfest and then the delight in her telling me that he made her squirt. Bolloks.

And just to further compound the misery of this so-called experience, my other friend in a different tent actually did have a complimentary ticket and I could have saved a fortune.

How on earth do I get into these situations?

Remember that Free, All you can drink table at Oktoberfest…well..

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