What the fuck have I just done.

Well, last night got a little bit old. I ended up talking to the big X for a few hours. That was basically a whole mess with my head style chart and she’s tried the whole playing me thing as well.

I will admit that in my somewhat confused state about the German one I have sought advice from quite a few people including the main X.

Without going into too much detail yet basically she said that she still loves me and then the chat turned into pure out and out filth.

So that might not be something to worry about however. In a three cans of Fosters drunken state I agreed with her that we should be playing the German one at her own game.

This was her idea, I think she might of hard Nina paint for quite awhile and see using type. There is a little bit of me that thinks perhaps she would do anything and everything to fuck me over one last time but I don’t know.

It just all seems very coincidental that she would actually be nice and approachable and indeed very honest about how her marriage is one of convenience and not love.

I’m just proves taking into fact that she hasn’t slept very well because one of her three children is well it does maybe add up. AP this is where your analysis would have been incredibly handy.

There is some good news. I am under no illusion about the X having any feelings for me. Is anything these most recent experiences have helped me to learn when someone is crying wolf.

The interesting thing will be to see if she’s going to send me the topless picture that she said she would yesterday. My money is on her just dangling a carrot. In fact this might have been one of those tests. Nina did it, dangling the carrot of being naked before me but not actually let me get anywhere just to keep me interested. I wonder if she has done the same thing?

As you can see from the image Nina lost, sorry “had her wallet stolen”. I’m suspicious. She sent me an image the other day of a new bag that she purchased costing $100.

I’m assuming that she told me knowing that I would be gentleman enough to see if she is okay and I wonder if she was thinking if I would be that much of a soft touch to lend her some money?

If that was the case I would like to think that she would just asked me out right. But the game is she plays.

Part of me is wondering am I just being overly cynical?

The part of me that is also thinking it was quite nice for her to send me a message whilst she was away for the weekend. That small voice is shouted over by the thoughts of well, she has basically gone away for a weekend of sightseeing and fucking

I’m not sure about playing a game with the German one. It’s not that I am against the principle of doing it but more the fact I am ill equipped to do something like this without the aid of someone else.

Sometimes I wonder is it this hard just to get laid?

I have the German one basically being a massive cock tease and the main acts telling me that she won’t shag me because she is now a size 18.

Ever get the feeling you’re never going to win?

What the fuck have I just done.

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