And thats that…

[14:26] Me : When you are not so tired he will have to tell me why you are mad at me, please.
[14:27] Me : * You
[14:30] Her : But i have to figure out if I am still tired then
[14:32] Me : Not quite sure I understand that last message.
[14:34] Her: I don’t think whatever it is between us it is obviously not working out
[14:35] Me : This is discussion for when you are not tired.
[14:36] Her: I am Not sure if it’s something we can discuss
[14:37] Me : i disagree. WhatApp is not a medium for chatting on.

Argh Im tried. Im going back to bed.  I’ll try and keep the posts going on the site this week but as you might imagine I feel battered.  Going for a walk and then get some sleep, no point trying to get involved in a chat right now.

And thats that…

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