Well, if you are going to make a mistake.

Then do it properly. I was talking to the big X this morning and I was explaining the chat I had with the German one last night. Can you guess who I mistakenly copied the transcript to? Yes, that’s right in my morning haze I accidentally sent the conversation I was having with the big X to the German.

Thank God that what’s up can delete messages although she might have seen them. I’m still completely mystified as why she said she was mad with me after declaring that she was single and a few nights previously telling me about all the sex she was going to have and has had.

Then I get even more slightly confused about when she says that she hates me not caring? In my mind is only so many times you can try and start a conversation and get nothing back before you have to admit defeat.

I might be getting slightly paranoid in my old age by think I’m going to have to go through all of my old posts and changed the name to a pseudonym. Just in case she does Google.

Well, if you are going to make a mistake.

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