They say it always comes in threes

It’s fair say that today has been a little bit of a kicker.

At the start of the week Nina is no more. There goes any dreams or ambitions of moving to Germany on starting something new and exciting.

In the small hours of last night I discovered that I had been sacked from my pet sitting in endeavours. I say discovered because nobody has written or phoned me to tell me. Instead I was left to find time to start all of my bookings for the rest of the year have been cancelled.

And then this evening I get a text message from an estate agent about a property that I was incredibly interested in to say that it’s already been sold.

In other more happier news I suppose my Apple TV has arrived but instead of doing on boxing video, joining all the traffic wagon, posting my review instead I’ve spent the whole day pretty much in bed.

The only reason I’m writing this post is because I’m out walking the last set of dogs that somebody trusts me with.

Happy Friday everybody

They say it always comes in threes

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