Just hung up

I just had to do the most fuck witted thing I e had to do I. A long time. After two months she asked to chat on the phone and I say my eyes are dead and I’m off to sleep.

This ranks right up there with asking the ex if I could be part of her poly relationship status. She’s has three partners and I wanted to be one of them.

This is what Happebs when AP is about.

There’s been a few pics Sent to me from
Her. Thankfully I e been celebrating the fact I know how to screen shot things from the net and pass them off as me.

Gallery coming soon.

Fact is that I’m so easily played I have an idea. I’ve spotted a field wit a barn on it. Move there. Play bills and go into exile. Live from the land and feel peace.

Won’t be the lushest of life styles. Won’t be the warmest but imagine waking up to land that’s yours.

Imagine sleeping for more than 5 hours a night.

Sounds like a plan.

Will update tomorrow.

Just hung up

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