Off I go to the exotic location known as Swindon.

After yesterday’s accident it’s fair to say I’m not exactly hard the best nights sleep. First off I cannot sleep at all on my right shoulder, my natural sleeping position.

Secondly I keep forgetting that I can’t put any weight on their which means to 2 times a night where had to get up to go to the bathroom has been a painful experience.

Quite how I managed to get dressed was beyond anyone’s imagination by managed it, got into the car and set off for the three-hour journey to Swindon. Obviously being in quite an amount of pain there were a few issues.

First of all I had to pay the toll to go over my local bridge. Yes we have a bridge where to escape part of the county you have to pay 75p for the privilege. I couldn’t even raise my arm that I and had to do a weird left-handed movement to try and pay the guy in the tollbooth.

A couple of hours later just outside of Bath I pulled up to my usual resting stop so I could get changed. Normally I like to drive in some comfortable close to Phil Knight and relaxed before I get there. I was quite surprised to see that my car park was closed due to a “environmental incident”.

It took me 15 minutes to perform the simple act of taking off my T-shirt and jumper and putting on my interview shirt and jumper. Not being able to raise your arm above your head surprisingly is quite constricting.

45 minutes later I arrived at the hotel where I am meeting Hannah.I go to the reception and asked the stereotypical overly attractive and overly made up young girls where Hannah might be. They looked at me with blank expressions having no idea what I was on about but one did say “there is a blonde woman in the bar drinking and she’s been in there all day.”, “She might be the one you’re looking for”.

Hannah is a mid-20, 5 foot three, mousy blonde haired girl who is quite attractive but is one of those types of agency women who has a silky blouse on the rise and done to a level where it’s almost going below the bottom of the boob line. This isn’t to say that she isn’t good at her job because after all she did call me on Saturday to make sure I was still attending and to make sure she had a copy of my latest CV.

The first warning sign.
It was going to be her and her colleague interviewing me but he had to “pop off” to another thing. Her words not mine.

The second warning sign.
According to Hannah she had been due to meet the IT manager last week and on the morning of the interviews on both occasions he was “unavailable”. This set an alarm bell ringing because surely if you are really working with an agency you would make yourself available.

The third warning sign.
So it turns out this company who shall remain nameless has just offloaded their manufacturing and shipping to France. This means that about 800 people have been laid off and why they are only offering a 12 month contract and not a permanent position.

By the way it worth mentioning that this particular role is only four days a week which would be great for me right now. Imagine permanently having a long weekend and yet Hannah said that some people turn down the opportunity for an interview because of this.

The fourth warning sign.
Because the IT manager wasn’t available the agency didn’t have any technical information about the systems or hardware I would be supporting. However they did know enough to say that Lotus Notes, yes that Lotus Notes, is still used within the company.

You can tell that Hannah had been there is quite some time has she was happier speaking band listening. Whenever it was time for me to answer a question you could see her eyes had glazed over in a way that says I’ve been here all day and I haven’t eaten the single thing.

There is some good news because right at the end of the interview she said that she had no problems putting me forward for an interview slot and am I okay to interview on Wednesday. Slight problem with this as I had already told on numerous occasions that I already had an interview prior lined up.

There was a small amount of backtracking and said that may be we could arrange for a telephone interview. It was in that point I realised that the whole endeavour had been a complete waste of time.

All in all I was talking to Hannah for a little under 40 minutes before I was back on the road again to home.

My suspicions were confirmed that Hannah was incompletely with it because a couple of hours later, whilst I was still driving, she called me to ask for my postcode again. To give myself the best possible shot I gave her one of a small village I know that’s not too far away from the job and then assured her that if I wasn’t at all happy with the commuting distance or anything like that then I would not have wasted her or my time by applying. I also dropped in the line that’s I hope driving for three hours whilst injured proves my level of commitment for this position.

So where are we right now?
Well nowhere. Right now they are waiting to hear back from the company HR manager and the IT manager as to what timeslots are available on Wednesday for an interview.

Five said I will be available all day and do bring me to let me know when they would like to telephone interview me and we can take things from there.

Let’s see what happens.

Off I go to the exotic location known as Swindon.

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