The Monday, Wednesday recap.

It’s Wednesday afternoon and I haven’t heard anything back from the agency I went all the way to meet on Monday. I had a strange feeling this was going to happen as I said in my earlier post there were a few warning signs I’m starting to wonder if the company this agency is working for is starting to avoid said agency. It wouldn’t be the first time that an agency has been overly pushy to fulfil a role.

so I’ve taken the initiative and email Hannah to try and get some updates from them. She replied back almost instantaneously saying that they haven’t heard anything from the company.

This strikes me as yet another alarm bell ringing situation during the interview on Monday they were really pushing for a potential start date of when I would be potentially be available. She was pretty upfront that they were looking for someone to start before this upcoming half term holiday.

I took a bit of a gamble with my next reply saying that I had just come out of the interview arrange for this morning and decided to rule myself out of the running for it. I simply said that I didn’t feel that the company would be a right fit for me on many levels .

I haven’t heard anything back and I guess it’s time to move on from this one. That might sound a bit melodramatic by went to the company’s website to see if they were advertising the job themselves and low and behold it doesn’t exist on their site.

SaSo that makes it three out of three in terms of applying for and not getting the job.

So what next?

Well I have had a few bites and a couple of people wanting to sponsor my pod cast. It’s not exactly for earthshattering amounts parts and glad of anything right now. It’s getting to the stage where I am selling my beloved iPhone and stepping down to get a Windows phone.

If you have any suggestions what is the best budget Windows phone out there please let me know.

The Monday, Wednesday recap.

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