As suspected Monday was a complete waste of time.

Be positive, approach with an open mind, be enthusiastic (but not too enthusiastic), you never know, let’s see what happens.
Those are just some of the phrases I heard after telling a few friends about the interview on Monday.
I should have put the matter together sooner and I’m annoyed I didn’t.
The moment when I met Hannah and she said that she hasn’t been able to meet the IT manager, the person whom she is recruiting for should have been enough for me to say this is a waste of time and start heading home.
Giving the benefit of the doubt has always been my biggest weakness.
After not hearing anything back from her on Wednesday after I sent her my email I left it until today (Thursday) to give her a call. I don’t know where she was but it certainly didn’t sound like an office environment in sounded something more like a trendy wine bar. Given that she seemed to be a touch embarrassed to speak to me was another giveaway.
It turns out I was right in what normally happens in these situations. Reading between the lines I thought that they were either a, paying her lipservice or be, there was something more to it behind-the-scenes.

It turns out the option B was the correct answer as Hannah told me today that they are holding in interview tomorrow and the person is someone who has previously worked for the company.
Somehow I am not entirely surprised at this. I knew deep down something like this was going to happen and is when I checked the company’s website there were no openings whatsoever. Well at least not here in the UK.
Apparently they are waiting to hear back from the results of this interview and then they are looking to move forward from there.
I then put the question to her what are the realistic chances at this actually happening, I wish I had said especially in light and you haven’t met the IT giant yet.
Of course she trots out a typical agency answer along the lines of well we never know, there still may be a chance et cetera et cetera.
I am not sure what positives to take away from this, this isn’t my normal self-defeating attitude but I really can’t see what I’m supposed to take away from any of this adventure. I drove eight hours with an arm in and giddy to have a 30 minute meeting with someone who is obviously new to an agency and hadn’t done much in the way of due diligence. See my ask why do I bother? Well I admired her enthusiasm if I’m honest. She checked a couple of boxes in terms of being in contact and call me on a Saturday and don’t get me wrong I am no full. People only work that hard when there is a significant amount of money involved.
So I am going to change my tactics I think. First of all I am going to list my position as Cardiff or Bristol.
I am not going any further down the line then that because I don’t think I would be comfortable there.
Then again what makes me think I would be comfortable in either of those two positions I listed.
I am also going to be more abrupt with agencies. I am going to actually spelling the experiences I’ve had and if anything be less of a nice guy. The way I see it rightly or wrongly is that I feel fat people are less inclined to shaft someone who they know the going to have a difficult time dealing with.
It is easy for the nice guy to not be in the conscience of people.
After all the golden here is agencies are scum. They are one step below the pond scum which is known as estate agents.
So let’s see what happens next week. I am going to have a list of questions next to me and some gentle reminders of what’s happened and certainly, 100%, no more giving benefit of the doubt.

As suspected Monday was a complete waste of time.

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