0551 made it almost without incident

Well here I am on the plane waiting to take off shit scared for the week ahead.

Pulled up to the car park and they had no idea of my booking. That cost me 20 minutes and a slight panic about if I was going to get the flight all ok.

After 15 minutes we were on the way to the airport. Strange thing is the sat nave , waze, took me a really odd route but can’t complain it got me here.

Well the guy is on the on th tannoy telling us all to turn devices off so that’s my cue to kill this post.

Hppefully Amsterdam airport will have free wifi and I’ll post some pictures up then.

My my arm is still killing. I feel sick. I miss my cat and dogs something chronic.

Wonder if there is free tea and coffee. That’s worth it alone to pay a little more than flying Ryan air or easy jet. Just a shame it’s not a direct flight but that’s my fault for procrastinating the flight and decision making process.

Flight time is a hour. Not even in the air and I want to be home /(

0551 made it almost without incident