The morning before

This is Not going well
Last night I only managed about three hours of uninterrupted sleep, managed to drift backoff about 45 minutes later only to be up again at 6:30 AM and on the road by seven. I did get a cheeky few hours sleep, when I say a few hours more like an hour in the morning but the rest of the day was spent panicking and worrying about going to Munich.

I need to be at Cardiff airport for 5 AM which means leaving at the latest by 2:30 AM.

My flight then departs at 6 AM where I then have a one hour 10 minutes layover in Amsterdam before arriving in Munich at 10:55 AM.

Then it’s a case of catching the train for another 35mm is and then seeing what happens.

All being said I’m really not looking forward to this.

Number one although I’m dog sitting the humans are going to be around for a few few days before I am left on my own. Animals I can cope with having to make Smalltalk not so much.

Number two I really do have to be incredibly careful with regards to what money I spend.

I mean really, really careful.

Number three. Her.

Well this was going to be Nina related but after a few charts where she comes across as being well as no one the way to say it passive-aggressive, talking down in a demeaning style it suddenly hit me. Why am I bothering to try and make an effort was someone who I think deep down just in genuinely isn’t a nice person.

She said that we will probably bump into each other on Saturday but I don’t think I helped the cause any by sending a rather shirty message to say I am going to take some advice out of your book and be slightly more aggressive in my choosing of people I call friends. In a childish way I further emphasised this point by not logging in to what SAP to check any messages for the rest of the day.

She is the least of my worries though.

Number four. What to do for the 10 days that I am going to be on my own.

Being in a foreign land and not knowing the language is a pretty daunting situation. Normally if I had the money I know that I could go to one or two drinking houses in the evening and it least I would have some company.

And that isn’t an option I am hoping that I may get some running done over the next 10 days and I am taking my Windows PC so I can do a bit of gaming.

Number five. Getting around you need a ticket for travelling on the trains that bit I get the problem is unlike or train stations here in the UK where you can slicked different languages for the menus over in Munich it is one language and labs German. If this is ever going to be a test case for making sure I always have a full battery and learning where there is free public Wi-Fi then this is going to be it.

Number six. Being homesick. Granted my house may be cold, damp but at least its familiar and I have what little creature comforts around me. There is a certain sense of comfort knowing you are at your home.

I tend to get homesick very easily thinking back on things.

Number seven. Missing my cat.

Time certainly has flown and she’s been my companion since she was given to me as a little kitten. She can be a complete pain in the backside and just recently she has really wanted a lot more love and affection but that’s understandable given just how cold it is. This one should have been at the top of the list but this list is in no particular order.

Number eight. My regular dogs.

Toffee and biscuit I have come to think of as my own dogs. Whilst I’ve been unemployed I have been taking care of them and this may say seem strange to some but I know that really dogs are dogs. They only love the person who feeds them.

That isn’t going to stop me missing them.

The positives.

I would really appreciate it if anyone out there would leave a message was some form of positivity or positive outlook on this.

There is a reason I only go away on holiday for a couple of days at a time and not because I like to get home.

As much as I really don’t like Pembrokeshire hat times I am where I live being in another country with no friends, not that I have any, makes me feel even more isolated and I don’t mind saying it a touch scared.

I’ve said this before but Germany well Munich, is very stereotypical being a city is how you would expect the people to be. In the four times I have been there all the women have been impossibly attractive with a touch of German and Swedish mixed together.

You have no idea how beautiful they are. The men are also the same tool, well dreams and again imagine going I am living in an episode of The Only Way Is Essex but only the German language.

In short I don’t fit in many places but I especially don’t fitting to an environment such as this.

You are going to find many nationalities which will equal Germany in terms of superficial nurse. I completely gets the fact that obviously a female is going to be looking for a successful mail but here you really do sense and feel it more in your face then you will emerge.

Anyways is 20 2:39 PM and I still haven’t packed my bags I need to be on the road in four hours. Will update from the airport

The morning before