Back to work day 1

We are 1422 in the afternoon and I am just about to go back to work. It is been a pretty interesting morning. As I feared the helpdesk is a very reactionary place which is no four of their own. Here is a software company providing accounting software with pretty much every client being the spoke.
This means that trying to create knowledgebase articles, training videos or anything like that I don’t think is really feasible.
Most of the support calls seem to be quite in depth with regards to adjusting SQL tables, VAT codes and tweaking some custom code that’s been written somewhere by someone who may or may not have given proper documentation.
I am really am well and truly the oldest person on the helpdesk. My colleague sitting to the right of me has just turned 22 and would you believe it, he is the son of the owner of the company. I did wonder how he managed to afford a Rolex.
There are three systems which don’t talk to each other, one is the helpdesk system, to is an internal helpdesk system, three is another document control management system. All of which are in various states of disrepair, an organisation so warm and so forth.
Right now clients log support issues by either sending an email to the company or telephone support. The helpdesk system that we use doesn’t automatically Paul helpdesk requests instead it is a case of copy and pasting into the support system.
I have a distinct feeling that the guy in charge of the helpdesk system doesn’t quite know how to automate this process.
I can see many ways to make the helpdesk more efficient than it is but this is a company who is always looking to push out the next new big moneymaking project rather than focus on making customer support is more streamlined.

I can’t help but think that even though I said I would be aiming for maximum efficiency all they are going to do is dump me on the telephone and have me answering phone calls.
At least I get an hour for lunch

Back to work day 1

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