Just made it to Friday 

This is my fourth day of getting up at 6:45 AM and I certainly feel a lot better now than I did at the start of the week.
So I should really talk about the office. It is quite a big room with no natural sunlight coming in whatsoever, but that is not technically true it comes through so windows right at the top of the ceiling but then we have blinds time to cover the sunlight so we don’t get any glare on the monitors.

It manages to go from being just about unbearably cold to needing to go to the toilet and used a hand dryer to warm up my hands but even so it still warmer than being home.

As you might expect the keyboarding mines provided is the cheapest of the cheap with RSI inducing polities that only someone like Bridget CU, Dell, HP could ever come up with.

Yes my RSI injuries have started to come back to me all thanks to the incredibly cheap and RSI inducing keyboard and mouse combination that only someone like Dell, Fujitsu or HP could come up with.

However all these are just mere ripples in the ocean of annoyance when it comes to being compared to the helpdesk software.

Let me explain.

  • An email comes in from the customer.

Instead of the helpdesk software automatically creating a ticket for an issue it is left to someone to manually copy and paste all of the data into the helpdesk system.

Helpdesk agent replies and email is sent to customer. 

  • Customer replies and it goes back into the inbox which the helpdesk software doesn’t scrape.
  • Agent copies and pastes the reply from customer back into the ticket which you have to find via searching.
  • Repeat until ticket is closed.

Now apparently this helpdesk software was supposed to be fully operational in July last year’s is already some eight months behind schedule. Now in fairness to guy responsible for this has been working incredibly hard but I am not entirely sure if he’s working hard for the sake of working hard or working smart.

The idea behind this new helpdesk is that when customers submit a ticket it will show knowledge base articles which may help to resolve the issue.

Speaking from practical experience most people don’t bother to look at the articles and is quite often they are relevant but that might be just my old jaded cynical point of view.

When I asked the guy responsible for this “helpdesk” he said it would take it least another three months to set up and get ready. So all in all this project for a helpdesk to scrape an email inbox and create support tickets is delayed by year.

This worries me because the phone inside the office goes pretty much non-stop from 9 AM till about 4:30 PM where there seems to be a slight respite and things ease up a little.

Right now there are more issues being raised than fixed which is necessarily a bad thing but when you get to the point of coming in on the weekend to fix issues rather than spending that time to try and implement something to make life easier I am not so sure that priorities are being put in the right direction.

This gets me thinking about why is there so much pressure on these guys in terms of numbers and I think as “New World” as this boss of this company is it still comes down to the hard lines and fax of closing cause Dane for the stats to look good.

Sure there is a big part of me that wants his help the system to run properly because I’m lazy but the main part of make is thinking that my mind is still boggling from the fact that it is just so inefficient.

To be honest being the new boy there and not knowing any of the fixes my time would probably be best spent looking how to set this system up or indeed finding out if there is a test server available to use.

Already this seems to be in the infant stages of being thwarted because the next six weeks are the busiest ever in the accounting world what with the tax year end coming up and these new liked it is live changes but the mantises government upbringing then.

This does remind me of when I owned my own company because I could see just how inefficient companies were being run and it annoyed the living hell out of me.

Is not to say that I don’t understand their reluctance a to invest time and energy into making things more efficient but the my point is always this. They always going to be busy, they always going to be growing for the foreseeable future, so this is a problem that is never going to disappear and is going to need addressing. So why not sooner rather than later?

In something completely different if you know anyone out there is willing to do some transcribing on the cheap please let me know

Just made it to Friday 

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