The worry about my neighbour

Over the last few weeks my neighbour has started exhibiting some should range behaviour. Originally I had put this down to the sheer fact of being bored whilst retirement being thrust upon her.
The last few weeks have made me worry quite a lot if I’m honest.

Take today for example something was going on over the way and in the space of about 10 minutes I saw my neighbour who I think is about 75 walk into the house walk arraigned the kitchen, sit down, get up, come out of the house and walk down the road a little bit and come back. She did this about half a dozen times before finally putting on the coat so it looked like she was actually going out but then I had the last moment she went back indoors.

Granted this might not seem like anything strange but given the last few weeks I am starting to worry.

Take two weeks ago I pull up in my driveway and the sheer sat on her bench in the world of Rome.

I simply ask how are you doing are you okay? The next minute she’s in floods of tears coming over to mine being worried about being hospitalised or put into a special unit in absolute crying hysterics. That is not something I know how to deal with other than to offer a cup of tea.

A couple of days later the same situation happened again this time I took to the hospital I took to the doctors and then a couple of hours later two police cars showed up at my neighbours next door, she leaves with a suitcase, the husband leaves half an hour later, then the police bring her back, and then the husband returns.

So figuring that it might be good idea to try and keep you occupied I asked if she would look after my dogs for me one afternoon.

The rationale behind this is that she would have something positive to do, to focus on et cetera et cetera. This turns out was not a good idea because 10 minutes after asking her she comes over to check, doublecheck, triple check, and then quadruple check all in the space of 30 minutes.

No it is not that I mind in the absolutely slightest if anything quite the opposite I am glad I am there so she can have some reassurance but she seems to get so incredibly windup and worried that she is going to forget something she kept coming back and asking over and over.

It seems like she’s getting a little bit obsessive with having to do the smallest task and is worried about getting it wrong because I she said her husband apparently shouts at her. I am not going to say anything about that as all I’ve heard is small village talk so unless I’ve heard of it or experience it I am not saying a word.

I wish I knew more about the situation. I know that she has a vitamin D deficiency which makes itself all the more apparent when it’s time for the injection to happen as she turns from a reasonable Colton lady into pretty much a quivering wreck of a woman.
Which is not good to see.

These mood swings seem to come and go right up until the fact she is on her medication again.

I hate saying that, “on her medication” it makes me sound like I believe that pills on the way just to make things easier.
The good news is that it seems that she is getting some sort of social healthcare help and she’s getting regular visits from what I seem are nurses and day care people if that’s the right word.

To be honest it quite heartbreaking to see her just sat outside looking incredibly sad into the sky with nothing to do.

From what I have gathered she doesn’t have any friends or social circles and I don’t think it’s been helped recently that husband has disappeared for two weeks at a time to go on “holiday” to look for houses in Spain.

The last time he went away it looks like there was some sort of intervention with a few friends from the village and her daughter driving from Bristol to come and collector for the period the husband was away.
For me it’s a case of wishing I knew what I could do to help. It is not my place to interfere by have always hated that statement.
If you see someone in distress or trouble should you not try to help? Is when she comes over in Taylor’s what can I merely say or do? He doesn’t actually tell me anything or open up to me in the slightest because maybe she scared I don’t know why.
Anyways if anyone out there knows what the signs all submissions are of dementia or anything serious please do let me know.

The worry about my neighbour

4 thoughts on “The worry about my neighbour

  1. Phil says:

    All the signs of dementia/alzheimers, dude. Sorry. Her husband is probably shouting at her because he doesn’t understand what is going on and, with the added stress of having to look after her, will easily lose his temper.

    She will probably need to be admitted to a proper care home with facilities in place to look after alzheimers, her husband will not be able to cope once it progresses a bit more.

    Sorry again. Source: my nan had it.

    1. marxworld says:

      Wouldn’t have posted it if I didn’t want to know. I’ve been secretly hoping it’s just down to her being bored and the lack of stimulation.

      It’s been hard to know what to do or say but watching her today made me think am I seeing things and 2 + 2 = 5 or genuine worry.

      She has said a few times she’s worried about being taken away and I suppose with the nurses coming over its all adding up.

      Thanks for the links. I’ll post more as it goes along

    2. marxworld says:

      Forgot to mention she’s had a brain scan the other week and waiting on details. And if that article is anything to go by it’s a potential stage 2.

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