Hello again. 

Well it certainly been a while hasn’t it and there has been a multitude of reasons for this I am pretty much it is been down to being too busy and too exhausted.

Let’s go through what I’ve been up to since I last posted.

Cycled hundred and 8 miles from Cardiff to Tenby.

Cycled from Cardiff back to Cardiff for 112 miles with a heel known as the tumble.

If you don’t believe how brutal it is, it is ranked number 98 I believe in the world’s toughest hill climbs.

Run the Swansea half marathon.

Run the Cardiff half Marathon.

Ran the Bristol half Marathon.

So she conceived it is been a fairly hectic year.

Sadly I didn’t make my annual pilgrimage to Oktoberfest this year for a couple of reasons but mainly I had just started a new job and didn’t really want to ask for five days off the moment I walked through the door.

Unfortunately I screwed myself upon this one with Nina as she had her best friend’s flat to herself underdog to look after so I like to think that maybe we could have played happy families again this year and maybe I would have started an actual chance of sleeping with her. Yes, I am still an eternal dreamer.

If anyone could ever explain this hold she has over me I’d like to hear it but it least is not as bad as the mind games that the bigger X is playing with me.

To summarise on that we slept together many, many months ago and down the line I ended up helping right her business plan which seems to be a success but wouldn’t you believe it.

I told her to form a partnership with some friends who have the materials and things that they need she needs to make a business a success.

Immediately she dismissed this idea but guess what? She’s gone ahead and done exactly what I told to do after someone else told exactly what I did.

I still don’t know if I am a father or not. Sure, I screwed up when asked to get a DNA test but now she’s completely dropped any and all contact with me however things in my head of change a little bit since then and I am at a place where I need to know.

If it is mine nothing will change.

In fact if anything I can be happy in the world that maybe an offspring of malign is going to leave a much better life and happier childhood than I could ever dream about.

A new job.

After the unmitigated disaster working for a software company on the helpdesk I was lucky enough to get a job doing something it least I partially enjoy in the form of second line support. There is one slight complication that most of the staff are women and anyone or indeed the one person who reads this blog knows that I am not exactly great at talking to the female of the species. And awkward, stumble, in Barras easily and I feel I border on being almost special needs just because I say please and thank you a lot. Trying to deal with all of my negative mind talk is almost as exhausting as the job itself.

How many days you can walk into a building and you’re surrounded by people and you notice none of them? Yeah every now and again one person in the cream you just seem to get John to and yes you guessed it that’s what’s happened to me.

I won’t name her name until I come up with a suitably witty nickname for her because Abbey doesn’t like it when I mention her by name in these blog posts LOL but she works in one of the site diary have to provide support for and we got chatting awhile back. It seems like we are on the same wavelength businesswise about setting up an online store for where we work.

We sell an absolute ton of merchandises but yet have no e-commerce solution. Yeah, figure that one out.

She also likes running which is nice to know when I asked why doesn’t she run a 10 km race she said she couldn’t because she has two kids. Nice hint dropped there when I mentioned well what doesn’t your husband look after them whilst you do it I got a strange I suppose thinking about in hindsight quizzical look and she didn’t say a word about it.

Roll-on a few weeks and we’ve been chatting over email and she keeps dropping in things like it would I wish you worked in the office so we could talk more, it would be nice if we could discuss things more often et cetera et cetera.

Somehow I did up giving her my personal email address and I have hers and she said would I consider meeting up with her as she has time off in November.

So like a puppy staring into the headlights I said of course, I have a few days off to take in November (lie) but I could work something out.

Well actually I do have two days off and I probably use and after you afternoon flexitime to go and say hello if it became an option.

Last night I get a short email from her after she is just finished learning Welsh oak perhaps I should mention cheese Eastern European, as learn English and is now learning Welsh.

Anyways yesterday’s email came and she said she wouldn’t want me using up my spare time as it is precious.

I think I have done right by saying correct, it is so if I am choosing to come and have a chat with you I think I’m using my time in a worthwhile way.

Obviously I’ve said it a lot more cooler than that after having 3 pints of ale last night.

Anyway long story short I am a little bit confused.

Is she hinting that she wants to talk outside of work just to have someone to talk to, does it mean anything, I really just don’t know. Of course now this means that whenever I email her back and completely overthinking my replies instead of being free-flowing.

I think she might have one or two small issues, surprise surprise, with people not listening to her in general because she is not from these parts. You know what it’s like sometimes you can be as intelligent as the day is long or even just have a good dose of common sense and people just don’t want to hear what you have to say for some inexplicable reason. I can sympathise with that.

I might share some the emails later on just one get a fair and balanced perspective but why have to remind myself as she has a husband and two kids.

In the interest of doing some due diligence a.k.a. stalking, to Google and Facebook, confirmed the name of her husband but mysteriously she doesn’t have a Facebook profile.

Still my stupid feelings of attraction aside I said I am going to help all right setting up around website. I figure if I can do some good in the world it might stop me thinking about her.

Typically we have to go to her office twice this week and guess what? It’s half term and she’s not going to be there.

I just have to get a grip knife and stop checking my email every five minutes hoping she sent me one.

On a side note if anybody knows a reasonably priced escort so I can go out and actually have some fun and you would like to contribute to my patron fund please get in touch.

Hello again. 

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