You may be wondering what I the main image of this blog entry picture of a food-based delicacy  called the quiche.

Well I am is indulging in some banter with the mystery girl from work to drop Tom to send me an email to say that her and the kids were doing some baking and cooking.

I cheekily say save me some other out of the blue to get the above picture.

As you know I’m easily confused but even I can’t help but think that there are some mixed messages going on here.

I have asked a couple of times about her family and no mention of the husband or anything about her on a personal level.

I say this of course all with the lovely benefit of hindsight.

The matter is entirely not helped by the confusing way in which an X is placed at the bottom of some email messages but not all.. Know I have issue with this I believe it is completely overused and sends out a confusing message but hey what do I know I am old and apparently it’s the done thing, even in work-based conversations so another girl has told me.

Then if that wasn’t confusing enough I like to do what I call the challenge and response test.

If they put a kiss on X at the bottom of an email I put one at the bottom of mine and the result is usually they stop putting them on their emails for a while after.

Anyways this is all leading up to the email I got last night where finally the husband bombshell was dropped.

Turns out she’s emailing me from her new iPad pro, with a detachable keyboard, and her husband has been asking why she is on her email so much and why is she so excited all the time. Her reply is that she simply excited about the business idea we be working on for the company we both work at.

Well my confusion come from is her eagerness to chat and even suggesting meeting up outside of work to have a chat. Just be told I don’t know if that’s naivete or if I am just a bit stupid.

At least it serves as a reminder from important halls with the saw things.

Number one. If something seems too good to be true then it is.

Number two: Eastern European women are a different type of ruthlessness.

I suppose the only one suppose I would like an answer to is why she tends to go on about taking up too much of my time and she doesn’t want to bother me excess track et cetera or am I missing something here?
Was that just a subtle play to have some attention or getting is it the whole thing but partly wanting to make her husband jealous or some other such nonsense five sadly bidding part of before my wife.

For anything that anyone out there wondering the website is almost done under the hard part is getting people to believe in an incredibly simple idea.

Until tomorrow.


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