I hate doing audits

Blood the hell! Making a mistake is one thing but making a mistake with a work colleague who has an obsessive-compulsive disorder is not a good thing.
Back when I first started I was given the task of clearing out the old IT equipment.

Making sure everything was auditors onto and archaic access database and then arranging collection and all that other stuff.

The problem is I did most of the work and I say most of the work because having no idea of how to use their own bespoke, written in-house database system would absolutely no documentation it months that not everything got locked.

Over the last few months I have been able to blank my way out of not knowing exactly what has gone where.

Of course I have tried chasing up the company that came and collected all of the kit but they just fobbed off saying it can take up to 6 weeks.

The problem here is that I doubt that you know what was our equipment because when they loaded up onto the van this certainly didn’t seem to be any segregation of items.

This means no we have an infantry with about eight desktops, five old laptops, networking and various monitors all unaccounted for and guess who shoulders this lays on. Mine of course.

I am not making excuses but it didn’t help that some things were already documented to be disposed of, others weren’t in as I said this stupid database which nobody knew how to use.

Of course what I should have done is what I would normally do is write all dying in a spreadsheet and then collate things afterwards but I am sick to tired of having to do double data entry. There should be a system in place to cope with this and of course I know I am complaining after the fact but still.

All the time that I have known there to be a problem I have been plotting to were coat a solution but this isn’t helped by my colleagues distrust in the helpdesk software. Whenever I ask about what is interested I get a load of generic reasons such as “it is always being updated and this new problems”, in the past we had troubles with it, “there was this one time” so on and so forth.

When I asked what can I do to bring the trust into this software the conversation always seems to go in a different tangent or direction.

Because of this distrust I am not wanted to work on the system and try and get it optimised towards how we need it if anyone out there knows the spice works helpdesk software you know exactly what I’m all about.

The old system relies on an acid number. An acid number which is a sticker and not saved into the BIOS of the PC why is this important? Because spice works won’t pick up information that isn’t there and that references machines by it is domain name sellers very little in the way to cross reference. The only two similar things onto different system is the serial number but that’s a long laborious process of going through searching, finding, copying and pasting to try and get some parity.

No because the old system hasn’t been updated in the longest while it means that the whole host of data is wrong like location of a machine or the monitor or the owner, has it been scrapped or is it “to be scrapped”.

I came to the notable conclusion a few days ago that is pretty much looking like starting from almost the start which means going around and touching every bit of desktop and monitor within the main building. Then with some clever XL magic making link data between the two. Yes I could do this in SQL may be but the time taken to learn how to do all that nonsense well, I am is all just get on with it.

The idea here is that you have a new set of data as of 1 November which if you take that away from all data that gives you a list of things to snog marry or avoid.

Well at least it should dig me out a of a bit of a hole but course there is always a twist in the tale.

I am exactly halfway through my probation period despite an email coming into everyone in my department and including my boss to say it a three-month review.

I really could have done without a mistake like this happening right at this point and I don’t know people will share the same mindset of okay and mistake has been made but let me rectify and get my way when I am trying to rectify.

Don’t get me wrong both my colleagues are very good technically but all this nonsense of creating our own custom SQL system in-house just seems like a bit of overkill when we already have a platform in place. Yes I am kind of tidied to the idea of using spice works even if only for a probationary period but just because I like it doesn’t mean I won’t abandon it the moment it no longer suits our needs.

There are third-party software solutions out there which will take infantry on a huge level of all the IT equipment but as I was listening to my colleagues I was wondering do we really need to know what is on each machine in a static database? Yes we need to be to see what software is on a machine no two ways about it but to have that for archival purposes, really?

Anyways in 6 o’clock at night, I hate the fact the clocks have gone back in our as it means I am walking through the words dictating this wondering where exactly my two dogs of gotten to and pondering can I do a run of 80 mornings to come in and try and put things right?

I hate doing audits

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