The website pitch 

Really I should have known better than to pitch my iwebsite idea on a Friday afternoon when someone had just got back from a meeting of North Wales..
I’ve l been given the almighty fob off balance the idea “seems interesting” and I left the room a few minutes after I entered, after showing him the mockup limeade of the website, explaining the running costs were practically minimal, my knowledge of the average spend per customer and a few ideas of to increase it, I left the ring with “we will see what we can do”.

I know exactly what that means and it means nothing is going to happen.

Nobody should have done and what is always pain in the back of my head is that I should have just done this on my own anyway. I should have approached the company I work for ask the staff discount and just done it on the side with full transparency. But this is what I get to try and share ideas and make other people rich other than myself.

The reason rhino I am so obsessed with money is that I am quite a bit of arrears with my friend is just about to skyrocket. This is due to some considerable arrears thanks to metering my head in the sand and the finance she’s going to start using an estate agent to manage the property which means even more money.L

To further compound by monetary issues a couple of credit cards have now been defaulted on which means that the end of May ever getting the mortgage and more monthly payments. Which is why I am annoyed that my potential website idea in all likelihood probably won’t go ahead.

So I’m thinking well what trouble am I going to get into if I start up the website of my own accord. They have the option to have the system for themselves and they chose not to take it.

If I’m trading on the a completely separate entity and donating a percentage of profit to the company (I can’t go into why I would do that just yet) but I don’t see what the problem would be? After all they already sold in shops owned by other people to wear with the issue live? Would it be that it is because the employee or something different?

Anyways right now it is back onto the Internet to try and find the world’s cheapest van I could make into a potential motorhome

The website pitch 

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