We went for lunch again. 

Is fair to say at this time it didn’t go exactly’s me. I thought I was acting on all the little cryptic messages and hints that I thought she was saying about seizing the moment and if you gonna do something, seize the moment and do it.
Carpe Diem.

We met up and went for a little bit of a walk and parked, quite nice length one by don’t think she was really into it, I really don’t know I could just be completely overthinking things and we all know how well that worked out for me in the past.

Plaster, she worries and is really nervous is really quite sweet if I’m honest. I got as far as holding hands for perhaps a minute or two and that’s as bad as far as the situation went.

The food was okay and I think whatever we’ve had has now morphed into more of a business relationship. If it hasn’t it I’m just completely confused but the website is now live, I’ve gone ahead and launched it and making things up with it as I go along.

A bit of good news that I already have one potentially promising lead although as keen as he hears the me to purchase product from him he has sent me over any decent product shots yet.

Anyways back to the lunch.

She kept saying a few times that how do we do “this” and not upset anybody. Maybe she’s word about being seen with me? I completely get that,

With bunch finish we had back to the car, no hug this time around, and twice she leans into the back seat in ideal kissing range. Nope, nothing happened despite me looking at her and I don’t even think it registered with her. We get back to my work like seem to be, with obvious hindsight, pressing the fact that let’s just get out the way and then she firmly puts a foot down saying no not in this car. It’s good, she set a boundary and I respect that.

If I had to get to the obvious conclusion I think she’s perhaps lacking in confidence in some ways, she just wants to be listened to and work definitely isn’t doing a high-value what she has to say. She is a bright and smart woman 100% and I think that her been passed over for promotion at work when she is trying so hard to make an effort isn’t helping.

Got the fedistrict eling I’m just a bit of a flirt target on the side for he. Well might as well make the most of it. 

We went for lunch again. 

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