Well he had to be bloody nice didn’t he. 

Well obviously of course that was going to happen.
So not long been home after spending a day out with the eastern European woman, her two kids and her husband.

This all came arraigned with few emails earlier on she really wanted me to meet him so he could help understand the business venture we are working on together.

Of course for once he happens to be and I think a genuinely nice chap. Funny, clever, built like the proverbial brick she’s house, good ideas et cetera, et cetera. In other words the ideal man for her.

It also appears that they do have quite considerable amount of money after just building a new extension and supplying the all the kids with iPads.

The two kids are actually really nice as well again not helping matters.

I think I got there just after 1 o’clock we were by the seafront, when back to the house, had a cup of tea and was pretty much invited to stay rained for lunch as well.

Thankfully I have two dogs who require feeding very precise times.

When it’s time to go she was quite keen to show me the path down to the lower area.

Unfortunately that doesn’t mean anything of a sexual connotation is just the lower part of the time.

We are all set to go and then one of the youngest wanted to come along as well and in her words she would’ve liked for us to have five minutes alone. Talk about rubbing salt into the wind.

As we were walking down to the lower part of the times I tried once again to get her to open up and maybe let me in a little.
I also the question “what would you do if there was no consequence?” She went quiet as she normally does when I think she doesn’t want to answer a question. It is an interesting one this because I noticed that she does this whenever I start getting to know her or try to find it more about.

I drop the subject moved on and we were idly talking and I could see she was getting cold and as much as I didn’t want her to go back home and spends time with her I wasn’t prepared for her, her kid am myself to catch a mild dose of hypothermia.

As walking up the hill we idly charts and I said so I wish you were you would let me in a little and she just smiled and then send ask me anything said to keep things light I asked some stupid questions just to make a laugh. We get to her door my soul feel that she didn’t want me to go in some ways and was a cute little cheeky wave as I made my way back to the car.

As I am always said the right thing to do is the hardest thing to do and to be honest unlike the last time I had an affair with a girl who is already going out with someone he genuinely seems like a nice chap.

My aim for all of this I think, is am just going to see where it goes and hopefully by the end of it, as I think she will, she is going to realise just how much he loved her husband and the wife that she has and won’t want to jeopardise that  

If I can help someone realise that there will be a worthwhile adventure.

Well he had to be bloody nice didn’t he. 

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