Never think it can’t get any worse. It does.

just when it can’t get worse

The plan was this. I’d get to see the dogs in the morning or so, go for a walk and then go for dinner at 2pm that I’d managed to re book at the last moment. However things didn’t go to plan and no did I think they would.

1pm came and no word
1.35. Getting tight now. Things are served pretty prompt.
1.58. “Are you home”
I reply and the she calls. I was going to say this is harsh and fucked up even by her standards.

A crash. Squeal of tyres. She’s had an accident.

Cue me going into rescue mode. She’s 4 miles away.

The other guy is there and both visibly shaken. Details have been exchanged and I’m just there waiting for the police to come.

She said I shouldn’t have come but come on. How could I have left for dinner like she said I should do. I ignored the shock aspect dealing with the fact I wanted to give her a hug and a shoulder to cry on but it wasn’t wanted.

The dogs were visibly shaken and sleepy. So much so they didn’t even go mental when I was talking to them. That’s the worst bit.

I drive her back to her friends and say goodbye. It’s that sort of good bye that says thanks for everything and it’s goodbye.

Never think it can’t get any worse. It does.