Fancy a run?

fter my drunken sign up for the other night I’ve been talking to someone on there who works where I do. Could of sworn she was married and she initiated the chat first. We’ve been talking and agreed to meet on Tenby beach for a walk.
2.30 shes there and in my world theres no interest what so ever. She is kiwi which makes her harder to read than most. We start walking and before you know it were going up and down mad hills, find a cool spot and just end up chatting. Heading back there’s little lull in the chat and we make it to the cafe just before the rain hits.
4pm ish having a hot chocolate and more talking, being carefull to listen more than I talk. Shes nice I will admit but I cant work out the body language or if shes interested. Again being Kiwi she asked me why I didnt contact her. Like a twat i said about being out of my league for her to say did you not read my profile as we have a LOT in common. Some nice moments of floating ideas like driving to berlin for a cycle event.

6pm or something. We move on to a glass of wine. Ladies choice of course. Everything comes out on the table which isnt a bad thing but too much for a first date.. Was it a date.. I sort of hinted the question and got a non descripton neither confirm or deny.

We eventually leave I think about 8pm. What a nice day. I don’t think shes into me but a running buddy and fitness type would be a differnt change of pace. Or am i missing something.. Nope…

Seems like we might be going running tomorrow after a mammoth walk today..

Fancy a run?

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