The Sunday run

After some intial confusion last night I think I sort of invited myself to a run with B. Strange to be doing that after yesterday. She is cute and it was great to run with someone. We kept going both choosing the same points to just go a bit futher. On the way back she trounced me well and truely, not helped by my running shoes not being right for the mud trail we were on.
She was kind enough to share water which I had forgotten due to a collosal hangover this morning. Lord she’s got a pace on her. First time I’ve run with someone on a route and I’m the slow one. It’s refreshing.

We finish the run and theres a bit of an awkward moment of should we hug or something else and I think she freaked out a little. Not major but just an awkward moment if that makes sense. 

Really not sure what she’s after in any shape. However I did get a nice compliment where sh says “If thats your out of runing shape i’d better get training so I can keep yp when you are in shape!”

Yes I did the psycho drive.. God I hate myself. I’m looking back and not forward.

The Sunday run

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