A blanket over the head evening.

Still down in the dumps after yesterday. Small highlight is that one colleague talked to me only then to drop the fact that all the stuff I went to learn at training is probably pointless. So instead of using the new stuff we will just go down the ghosting an image and doing a shed-loads of things manually.

Why? I wish I knew. All I can figure is that he wants to do it the way he knows rather than stepping out of the zone.

Speaking of which the Manager needed to do this thing basically saying the ideas i put forward arent important but then taking credit for being involved with a stock take process and making it more efficient. My idea being cleverly passed of as his own…. again.

Something is going on here. Why are managers suddenly raising their profiles and turning up for work when last year not a manager was to be seen.

In the evening, got home, slept. I tend to do that now. THe worlds taken its toll so I just pull the blanket over my head and get some downtime.

With some good news I did some website work so I was actually productive and didn’t end up going to the pub.

A blanket over the head evening.

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