Does valentines mean anything ?

Valentines.. Sod that. Instead I’m going to counselling and I’m feeling a lot better today. Yet as I said when talking to the counceller theres something crap around the corner. Thankfully she didn’t call me paranoid and even understood when I said I felt it.

I finsh and Bex has sent me a couple of texts asking if I can pop around to help with the Kindles. Not needing a second excuse I pop around, joke around with the kids, sort out kindles, have some food and spent some time talking.

She’s now away for 6 weeks. Am I really goig to miss her or miss having someone around. I don;t know but it’s good to see her loosening up around me. Something is still in my mind is to why she would be interested in me. She’s dated iron man , fire fighter types and enjoed some time with a ski instructor.

Confirmed I will be riding the London Surrey thing. I need to start training to say the least.

Does valentines mean anything ?

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