Cheerio work

You know the day isn’t going to go well when your personnel manager walks in, wondering where you manager is and given I’ve seen emails which point to my imminent firing. Sheesh.

So the meeting room is booked and I think I’m out of here by three as there the manager never comes into the office for two days.

Will post more as the day goes along.

1142. C1 has just gone for his meeting with manager. Now this week he’s been incredibly friendly with me. Even CHATTING to me about work and non work things. This I find odd as he’s only ever happy when I’m on my ass.

said it before but worth saying again. I’m managed by a manager who’s here once a month and a guy who’s so close the the spectrum he might as well be called Clive Sinclair.

1212. Clive and manager are back.

1250. C2 and manager go for their meeting. I’ve developed a chesty cough and need some mess. Taking an unhealthy amount of drugs to get though today.

1356. Here we go.

Cheerio work