Cheerio Julie

So im behing on content. A lass that I’ve waited 5 years to date and see how things go decided that “I don’t think tings will work out”

What pisses me off is that at the cinema we were like a real nice couple, holding hands, cuddling watching a film and it felt really nice and for the first im in a very long while I felt releax and you know what I feel comforable.

Yes Im a sucker for when a lass grabs your arm when you walk back to the car or the little moment of kisses when you are together. Should of realised when I smiled and looked at her that I liked her things were on the cards.

Shes mad at me beause i went for coffee for someone from another dating site. Now wait… hang on. I only went to meet this girl out of obligation. ok she was nice i;kk admit but it was teh same thing with helen.

Have I mentioned helen, no idea but helen was awesome and i fucked that up because i met someone before her and was seeing hwo it was goin so as not toseem likea a player.

Helen was fucking lovely and yup, screwed that up

Fuckig hell where the beer

Cheerio Julie

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