Remember the waitress

In my local spoons theres a stuoidly cute waitress. Probably early 20’s and cute as hell. Well if you do thr last time i saw her she looked a lottle upset and ehen i asked why she simply said shes not ready to talk about it. havent seen her in weeks till today.

Guess what. Baby bump. Thought that was it. Genuinely hope that her fellas a good one.

is it me or something do oregnant women just look damn damn sexy. Perhaps thats not the right word but there sure is somehing to them other than wanting to see if you can fuck them that hard milk comes out of their tits and yoj wonder if shes going to freak wheb you suck on them.

Ive had that once with kari. Last time we fucked she rams a tit into my mouth and it hapoened.

Despite not having expressed for the longest time she shot a load into my mouth. Can’t say I disliked it if I’m being honest but now it leads me down a path of. Well. Once you have sex with a squirter can you ever go back.

Sure a woman will cum but where’s the moment, that evidence or defining thing.

Remember the waitress

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