Say dirty girl

Since the last time I saw kari I decided that I was just going to delete here. This stops those times when I’m hammered and decide that talking to an ex who is banned from fucking me but can fuck anyone else and her husband is screwing a girl I was trying to get on with, is good for my health. 

She’s sent a few messages namely sharing all the good press her new business has gotten and the things she’s finally done which I said I’ve a year ago. A simple told you so and then delete the message. 

So today I’m a touch surprised to get this 

I followed up this with filthy and guess what.  No replies.  It’s nice to have a hypothesis confirmed. 

  1. Attention seeking
  2. Gets attention
  3. Goes quiet
  4. Go back to point 1. 

This week I’m on the ass end of three blow outs online. These days taking to women online doesn’t even last a few days before it goes no where. 

So. Christian dating 

Singles with kids

And even Scientology dating is going to get a sign up from me. 

Honestly right now my aim in life is to find a legitimate Russian dating website.  Preferably Hungarian but there’s a reason for that nationality 

Say dirty girl

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