So for all you moralistic brexit cunts….

So brexit. the end have cometh. You think that youre a cunt. You forget what this country of ours is about.  We over come, we were better independant.  OH we are so sorry that your house is actually worth the practical value it was built and and a fair profit is worth it.

but what about the euro.. ok so for those of you who never venture futher than your loccal shopping complex.. Wait lets talk about that shall we.  Brexit.. the death of the UK… shit we are fucked.. Oh wait. those shopping malls do so well for the high street, they really encourage products from the uk.

But wait.. fuck me.. the bankers… they are threatening to leave.. no .. please dont go.. please dont leave us after the major financial collpases.

Oh noes some corporsations are going to leave the UK as the country donest mention that Apple buys the old power plant in london that no one oculd get planning permission for before apple bought them.

Does anyone metion that google and apple bought places in london recently as well

The euro has always been shit and blaming brexit is just a sign you cant accpet that the pound isnt worth double to the dollar no more.

Perhaphs instead of taking to facebook to be a pissed of troll you could inspire peopel to buy local, support the bloke down the road who cuts open a cow or pig, makes saugsages which arent full of shit and dares to charge you 30 p more for 8 thicker sausages.

Sausages what the fuck are you talking about Marxword???  This is the point, if you cant grasp whats on your door step, if you suffer a traffic jam just to go to a shopping center when you know you could park locally and pay a bit more but refuse to pay for council based parking but will swallow a cum shot from a corporate company then dear reader you hae no right to complain about brexit.

You took it in the ass all this time and now suddenly because its populaar you dare to complain. hmmm sounds familiar doesnt it….

So for all you moralistic brexit cunts….

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