Liveblog whilst watching Ghostbusters 2017

Holy shit this is a mess of a film and I’m just 9 minutes into it. There was something about the actual font and using the Ghostbusters music way tooooo early in the film..

A holo laser for a reverse tractor beam.. Seriously. I know theres a littel bit of explainging needed for the younger generatino who probably doesnt get things.

Well it could be worse, they could be trying to sex up a main character.. oh wait that was implied at the start of the bloody film.

Does every single scene need some music playing over the thop of things. Side note listening to this on headphones why are there sound effects of crows in a freaking city.

Ghostbusters 2017

What the hell is going on with the special effect. The PKE meter just looks shit, you can almost hear the battery whirring.


Hang on a second, arent we in a modern day time where youtube is being used, uber exists and all that sort of stuff and yet when it comes to displaying Ghost Hunters… suddently theres an old CRT screen which just also hapens to be 4:3 aspect ratio…

That moment where they discoer the old ghostbusters building and the first fuck you is delivered. So I guess this is an adults movie after all..


Ah so chris hemsworth walks in and now we seem to have some sort of realyl badly played improvisation act with a logo for 7/11. Just how much more corporate shilling can we get into a show. I had let go the whole pringles moment once you pop you cant stop.


39:17 – Thats what this film needed, a really poorly acted graffiti artist bit with a black actress giving so no.. o.. so…stereotypical sass. I dont know what was worse the acting or the pretend spray painting. Why the fuck is there a need to talk about a logo, the original didnt need it because it was a good film… a GOOD.. film…. we seriousy had a scene about a ghost with tits…….christ..

45 minutes.. guest what.. paddys got a vehicle…. oh i wonder what this could be…


53 minutes – Wait a minute. Its only Bill bloody Murray: Wait… hang on.. the total contribution by Bill is 3 no wait 9 words in total. The last 3 being oh hell no.. A couple of minutes later we har the phrase “we wont get slimed again” At what point did we know what slimed was?

56 mintes. The new ecto 1… jesus i thought this film was a reboot not a cliche. And now that new busters theme plays. What are you try ing to do right now…. Its that bad even the lyrics have been sanitised.. “Who you gonna call” is now who can you call.. Fuck.. help me..


Even the suiting up scene just looks like cheap ass knco offs. At tleast .. wait a moment i just saw yet anohter product placeent for Heinikkan


58 minutes. Concert scene… and well done. its a new low in teh world of lip synching and miing.


Lets light em up. Oh Jesus.. please now.. come up with an original catchphrase. Im almost yearning for something original so at least you can go… wel thats not bad…

At this point im realiing that imt not even halfway through this “movie”

2 minutes later after a bad concert scene we have yet another dont light them up.

1hr 3 minutes. Now we hae another reference of why we dont cross the streams. They way half the cast are pretengin the streamers are doing something couldnt even be classed as b grade casting.


Things are getting that bad that when the singer goes :we are the beast of mayhem.. hawww…..” The microphone is actually away from his mouth and hes walking off stage…

1.06.. Bills back… lets see how this plays out. Well he single handedly in 4 minutes out acted the entire cast…

1.10. Seriously were into a skit about patrick swayze movies….. is thsi family guy? Right now this is a war just to get through to the end of the film.

15 minutes. Dear Gold seriously did we just see the goose from Top Gun mimic a scene from meet the parents?

Finally seems like we have some originality with new toys for the new Ghostbusters. Its just a shame that the actresses are handling them like they are actual props and not real life instruments. I cant reconcile with this film if it is trying to use generally satirical slapstick humour or if is a general attempts to actually try and be funny..

One hour 21 minutes. For a film thats embodied copying the original whenever possible now they seem fits with just over half of the movie go on to change the sound of the siren on the act so on. Well I suppose at least trying. Just like Im trying to find something redeemable about this film. Also just a side note about some of the same defects because like I said earlier I am listening through a set of headphones. What is it with the overbearing signs of boots walking on a heavy floor? Half of the women are incredibly thin I wouldnt even say the other two are particularly the other big nature but yet almost every seam you hear the sound of marching boots on a concrete floor

One hour 21. Oh my god is actually Janine from the original? It says something about the film when the cameos are actually better done the actors themselves.

Also how does a film with such a massive budget have such tacky -looking effects that make George Clooneys turn as Batman looked like a cinematic masterpiece eligible for Oscar nominations for best visual effects? F

One hour 23. N this just really isnt g Jesus Christ they are really trying to stretch out the gag about pestering arent they .

One hour 31 and one of the main protagonists in the film has been taken over by the bad guy and one of our heroes is dangling out of the window was almost “watchable” until you see just how bad the grip one of the ladies has on her fellow counterparts wrist. Now you could accuse me of being overly nitpicky at this particular moment in time but it feels more like Im just watching this to get to the end of it to say “I watched the new Ghostbusters”.

So far in this film its only Melissa McCarthy Hughes bought some sort of acting “quality to this film so far”

one hour 37. The second best actor is the guy is Chris, wodden as fuck, Hensworth.

Thats not exactly complement to this film really is it. What is it with the overpowering soundtrack? It always feels like insecurity that the actresses can stand up on the Rhône feeds an instant we have to have this constant soundtrack of peril and drama.


One hour 40. While did the director feel that they needed a close-up of the number plate for the Ghostbusters mobility Dan Ackroyd mixes guest appearances on at this point even saying the immortal line “Im not afraid of no ghosts”. Will this cliché the film never end? A class 5 floating vapour is delivered with more belivability from Dan. From directing and editing point of view its bloody obvious that the scenes were rehearsed so much because when Dan Ackroyd shakes his head its completely out of time from the reverse view to the front view.


I mean seriously considering this is supposed to be a brand-new radical relaunch of a new franchise demands or just of dunny shots to shot remake of Ghostbusters featuring a female cast. Even Slimer sounds way too human.

And speaking of which a ghost can also drive a car now apparently even though they have no appendages that could reach the pedals. And they also seem to know what side the road to drive on.


We seem to go from one point of bordering on to adult humour to then explaining every small little single thing about Ghostbusters. Its sort of like this film really doesnt know who is trying to be aimed out, is aimed at new people who have never heard of the immortal Ghostbusters or a younger generation and if the younger generation is the target why are there so many F bombs in this film?


right now the above screenshot shows exactly how I feel just how ugly this film is,


one hour 43 minutes just when I thought the film really couldnt get any worse now the main bad guy has made our law enforcement people and military types start dancing to the clichéd BG tracks.

Well over 46. Jesus Christ Im tired especia start to hear things like “say hello to my little friend” Well I suppose I should be grateful at this point that theyve started using some lines from other films to try and answer some “entertainment” I swear to God theres even a moment with tasers that reminds me of Ironman.You know what I mean the scene where Tony Stark meets the guy on the racetrack who has these really cool laser whips.


So right now the film is back in the middle of the scene where the dancing and for some reason any females in the military seem to have quite a healthy amount of make-up on them.


One hour 55 minutes into this film I finally lost the will to blog about it. After a few tedious moments of scientific bubble to try and make the film seemed somewhat plausible, the Ghostbusters car falls into a pit, slimy and his girlfriend are rejected and then we are treated to another rip-off seen and this time its of diehards on the famous ejector Scene.


One hour 57. In the final climatic act of the film to the Ghostbusters are falling, big emphasis on falling into some sort of supernatural pit. It just seems however that despite the wind rustling their clothes their hair stays absolutely perfect which sums up just about how much care has been taken into production qualities of this film.

It’s 2:34 AM in the morning and thanks Mark it’s finally over. Know when I first heard about this reboot I thought it was initially going to suck because it leaned incredibly clichéd to just replace all of the main characters with a female cast I’m glad to say I was wrong. It sucked because it was a genuinely shipped film. There was not one redeeming quality about this film.

No some films which have been rebooted will have a crafty nod or a cheeky wink to their original beginnings as they quite rightly should have but this doesn’t do that. It relies wholeheartedly on its predecessor to try and make itself a film and fails hard. In fact I’m going to named it one of the worst movies I have ever seen and that includes “dude, where’s my car,”.

There is not one single redeemable thing about this film which would make me even recommend it to anyone if they had watched all of the films in the entire world twice. The direction is banned, the acting is bad and some of the edited shots are so excruciatingly bad that you can’t help but sit back and not watch the film but analyse it and wait for the barklock up. T but it was just crap

Liveblog whilst watching Ghostbusters 2017

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