So Nina is a poly

Jesus a man cant catch a break. I spoke to Nina the other night and shes dropped on me that shes now poly.

So she said to me that shes dating someone and met not only her fellas wife but her fellas wifes kid as well. Seriously I cant make this stuff up, thers a girl telling me shes met a guy and his wife and daughter…

Perhaps I shouldnt be surprised and this is normal in this day and age. Hell im pretty much sworn off women who arent eurpoean. I draw the line at Filipino but eurpoean, hell yes.

Ive had a night of just tellig kari to fuck off in a subtle way but righ tnow im too pised to talk..



So Nina is a poly

Some days you just can’t catch a break

Well for me, the Marsh who I turn to and who I asked I managed to get rejected five times in a night. That’s pretty impressive even by my standards.

You see at the end of this month I’m doing a once-in-a-lifetime bicycle ride, the Prudential ride London, Surrey 100 which is around about 100 miles. Now if anybody knows me they know I absolutely hate London. I hate everything about it. I hate dear’s faux pas ball sheds of trying to be politically correct when they actually don’t know who they are.

First off I asked Nina. She was initially interested in the idea but no less than eight hours later after talking on the phone she said it was “too expensive and even worse to spontaneous.

So I then asked my friends Sue who I’ve known for many, many years and she shot me down pretty much instantaneously saying that she had new holidays left until October.

Sensing that things were going to get a little bit desperate I then ventured further into my list of contacts and asked Julie. Julie is a girl I went to the cinema with and they fancied some six years ago and recently got out bye. Unsurprisingly she also declined the offer but then again she has three kids. What is it with me managing to find women who have three kids.

Finally I asked Carrie who then proceeded to shove it in my face by showing her calendar to me of how “busy” years with not only life but the amount of partners she has.

Before I approached any females I did ask a couple of friends who I know live in London and could you believe it, they all have plans on that weekend. It’s not like I’m particularly needy for all I was hoping for in the grand scheme of things in my life is that in the evening that I cycle at hundred miles I just like to have a little bit of company, someone to share the moment andunts be able to talk to.

I’m trying to avoid being melancholy and not just write blog posts about negativity but it really does hit home even more so recently about just how you, well I just don’t have any friends in this world. I get home on a Friday and I pretty much don’t speak to anyone until Monday. Sure I might have the odd interaction with the woman who works on a checkout counter in a supermarket but that’s really honestly it.

Just imagine that for a second, when you finish work at say 5:30 PM, you go home and you speak to know one until the next day at work.

Some days you just can’t catch a break