Jesus that was a noisy flight. Of course it was the English but the paired into comparison when sitting on the train next to the Italians. Jesus they are loud.

Just going to upload random media for another bit.

Sue isn’t a show at the moment and no what’s app but I’m happy enough sat at the bar. It’s basically a typical Friday being sat alone in a pub.

Made it to the pub apart from it was the wrong pub. Nothing wrong with that as a mile walk did me some good.

Already I’m starting to feel tired yet I have to work out my back up plan to either find somewhere to stay or just go home.

Again why do I do this.


Oktoberfest 2019

At 1009 off I go again For the annual pilgrimage to the Oktoberfest. Why the fuck am I doing this considering that a few moments down the road I was basically bawling my eyes out. Even B who I never EVER write about on here said why am I doing this yo myself and the truth is I have no idea.

This was the year that I was supposed to be going with Rachael. Also the year that I was supposed to a be getting married, have somewhere that wasn’t damp and freezing cold, to think about having a life and starting to live. What happened, we’ll I fucked it up. Like I fuck all things up very easily.

And then there’s this spot. This is the table that we sat at before going to Ireland to meet the parents.

And of the world wasn’t done reminding me just how much of a fuck up I am, Another rugby team is sat in the same place as the last time I was here.

Back to Oktoberfest 2018. This year I am staying with Sue on her sofa. I;m sure I’m too old for sofa stuff but hopefully I can pass out and get just enough sleep. It cant be any noisier than Nina’s. That flat, apart from being a complete shit tip and I kid you not, unused tampons on the floor, might as well been this very airport that I’m at now.

Speaking of which Cardiff Airport looks amazing these days. Qatar airlines has definitely meant some investment and because Wze decided to take me the wrong way I got to see a huge, brilliant new bypass under construction. God I hope they make this place work.

1315: The Oktoberfest 2018 Itinerary

The plan is get on the plane shortly, have a quick drink. Try and get some sleep as I’ve become an insomniac recently “living” on 4 hours keep on a good day. A good day.

Land and then a 10 minute walk to the train station, 40 minutes on the train which finally lets you purchase tickets online, pray I have enough battery life to get me to a pub called Killians. Not one of the best places that I like but beer and food. Sue has said something about going to a Friday night to meet a load of people who speak German and English. Christ I hope Steph isn’t there.

Steph is THAT girl. Read the blog and she’s the one that you just can’t take your eyes off. Of course I know she already has a dislike for me but that’s fine. To me she’s pretty alongside being clever, quick witted, rich and all those other things. For some reason my head has been saying Steph, screaming it at me all the journey here. Thankfully being butt ugly and nothing interesting to say at all people don’t tend to talk to me.

The Europeans are selective and can sniff out the weaker ones. I know the associated with saying that but it’s true. Table after table has countless gorgeous women with an even more good looking chap on their arm.

Flashback the first time I went and met Nina, I’m there with the whole holiday romance thing and she’s already getting numbers off other guys. Back then I was upset, now I see it as the most logical thing to do.

Ok going to chil now and enjoy a pint that just cost me £6.10…

Oktoberfest 2019