Thats January done

mind games, mental games, being skint and somehow I’m still managing to go. You know i cant actually remember how long ago this site started but i figured ill try and do at least one update a month.

Am I the only person to Facebook stalk.  Well not stalk but just see how the rest of the god damn world is doing and you know what, it all seems to be doing better than me.

Somewhere along the line every single woman i ever see has the dreaded ring around their finger. Either that or there’s one in the oven and thats just living in the back and beyond of nowhere.

THe job center is a even moe complicated and depressing beast than ever before. With bills being paid I’m going to live on about $4 a week.

Another depressing reality is that al the stuff i thought had some value to eBay is indeed typical eBay fodder.  In so much as its junk, crap.

The only one positive to pull out is that at least I’m semi cycling again indoors.  The outside world can keep its cold and wet.

Yet here i am again, just writing blog posts that no one reads without click bait headlines.


Thats January done

Screw you 2019

Happy 2019 assholes

Want to know how I spent my New Years eve?  Its when a girl I liked binned me off because she could do better turns up at where I’m working…. Rubs it in my face, makes suggestive comments and then because Im a fucking idiot that I feel she MAY feel something towards me….

Yeah screw 2019


Screw you 2019