The date update. Exceeded at failing

Not the best of starts.

There I am outside the cafe I thought we were meeting at… Wrong cafe.

I didnt know this till i went for a walk, get a message from her and shes at a pub across town.

Get there only a few minutes late.

Holy moly she’s cuter than her pic.

Oh shit 😦 (eyes roll up to the sky when she cant see me) she’s cuter than her pic.

I was leading the conversation but I could tell she wasnt at ease.  Eventually she told me she was nervous.

We chatted, had a soft drink and there were a few moment when she seemed to come out of her shell. Just a few but by this time I was sensing the inevitable.

After about 45 minutes I could see her absent mindely peeling skin away from her fingers (fidgeting).  Changed the tempo after an accidental joke about kids getting pregnant at a VW car festival.  Whatever small chance I did have went with that one comment.

After a hour we both said it’s time to go, a slow and stiled awkward back to the car park from her as if to say what do I do now

Final words.  I’ll be in touch.

I don’t think my I’m a secret millionaire line was believeable…

The date update. Exceeded at failing

I hate dating. But I have a date today.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been on a few dates and no matter what I do it’s always the same results.  It always goes like this

Attempt to talk to someone on line

Every now and again something happens and we end up chatting

Exchange a few nice messages on said dating app

Move to whats app messenger

Both sides seem to get excited about meeting up

Quick phone call

Meet up..


The ending is always the same.  Usually.  Youre really nice and funny.  You’re a nice guy but I dont see us going anywhere / not attracted to you.

Nice…. that’s a word that I’m starting to hate but I realise that it isnt just about that word but about the whole thing is about.  Sure this sounds like a grizzled fat lad whos a little bitter that once again yet another date works out.

But the kicker is all it makes me do is think of Lynette where getting on was easy (sort off), there was a click.  So recently being dumped by her due to a hard week  followed by

* taking time to work out what I want

* im holding you back from what you want

has really wound me up.

Stilll today is friday. Sunday I am off to cycle the Wales velo so what better time to get a kick to the balls with a quick afternoon lunch date.  Todays ball kicker is Bek ( I think), 35, mother of one and self employed.

With this one we’ve not done a phone call nor even swapped pics so that doesn’t bode well.  If we exchange maybe two texts a day then that’s a max but she does say in her profile she doesnt want anyone who will get “affended when I dont text back straight away”

How will I get blown out prediction.

With this one it’ll be a few hours after we met or

2 days with nothing. That will be blamed on a busy weekend etc etc etc.

Update you in a few hours.

I hate dating. But I have a date today.

Octoberfest 2017. Chinese man

Is on his phone watching a video at full volume with no headphones. Please god don’t let him be sat next to me. 

Flight is delayed because someone turned up to the airport but forgot I’d. Managed to check in, pass security but can’t get through boarding.  We’re going to be late. 

Even more annoying is that I found an airport lounge and this is going to cut into my airport lounging time. Argh. Still 20 quid might seem a lot but for decent Wi-fi, drinks and food it seems a winner. 

Even if the reviews say they turn away people for any reason and guess who looks like crap today. 

Octoberfest 2017. Chinese man

Octoberfest 2017

Here we go!!

As always I seem to leave it till the last moment before deciding to go but as Nina has offered me a place to stay for the weekend I’m making a pilgrimage to Oktoberfest.
It’s literally just a flying visit. I was up this morning (Sunday) at 7 AM to pack my stuff, book hotel parking and then have a good idea of trying to book into an airport executive lounge because my layover in Amsterdam is 2 1/2 hours. 
Alas you cannot make a booking on the day of travel so I’m going to have to slam it with the rest of the people there. Which isn’t too bad but I worked out that €20 is more or less the same amount I would spend on beer and food anyways but it would’ve been nice to have the Wi-Fi connection and comfortable seat. I might try my luck when I get there.

Octoberfest 2017

So Nina is a poly

Jesus a man cant catch a break. I spoke to Nina the other night and shes dropped on me that shes now poly.

So she said to me that shes dating someone and met not only her fellas wife but her fellas wifes kid as well. Seriously I cant make this stuff up, thers a girl telling me shes met a guy and his wife and daughter…

Perhaps I shouldnt be surprised and this is normal in this day and age. Hell im pretty much sworn off women who arent eurpoean. I draw the line at Filipino but eurpoean, hell yes.

Ive had a night of just tellig kari to fuck off in a subtle way but righ tnow im too pised to talk..



So Nina is a poly