You Can’t Avoid Me Forever.

What the hell. Another 2 weeks past and boom another ex decides, yup, know is a great time to get in touch with.

You can’t avoid me forever! We have been through too much..”

At the last count it was 8 weeks since we last even met, 9 blow outs and no show’s of varying excuses etc. So anyone care to point out how I’m avoiding? More like I just don’t see the point. Updated with full chat log.

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You Can’t Avoid Me Forever.

Chat logs you find lying about

09/02/2008 22:35:34

i hano wot attrachs is is tha man i see when i lay in his arms
the man i see when hes got his busines head on
the man i see when he makes love to me – not sex but makes love to me ( as far n f few tat is )
i love tha man i see thtat he could be if only he lived his life in the present and look forward rather than in the past looking back
i love him for for the few r the man he was on the him

and then this to an ex..

his problem lies in the fact that he is burnt beyond belief and as much as i lvoe him i cant turn back the clocks and take away that for him – he trusts in nothing i have to say and dislikes all that he heres – and that is because i am telling the truth – he dislikes my truths as i have a past to – the way he feels atm within himself i could tell him the sky is blue and he convinse himself that i am lieing

me summed up in a few sentances.

Chat logs you find lying about

Because I wanted it to mean something

Why am I just such a weak twat with regards to her. She always manages to pull things around to her way of thinking and having me apologise for when I didnt do anything wrong.  Did her family ask after me or see how I was doing. No, so why should my friends take sides and see if she is ok when she was the one having the affair.  I must remember more often what has gone on.  So hard to let go right now.
Because I wanted it to mean something