Carten, Job Done

Its the weekend of the Carten. This is a mammoth 106 mile ride from Cardiff to Tenby. Now that may seem like madeness but the true insanity starts after mile 65.

Thats where you start hitting the hills and after the adreneline of the start and seeing people in front of you, this is where the real pain factor starts.

This year was hard knowing that no one was going to be at the end to celebrate, no fan support along the track. Nothing.

This year I was some 7 minutes slower than before but that’s ok as the stretch of 4 miles gradual climbing didn’t beat me, i didnt break and I got to speak to a stupidly amazingly attractive woman cyclinst who I though was called Liv but that turned out to tbe the name of her bike.

2 weeks time it’s the tour of Pembrokeshire.. Thats going to be hard. Less distance, double the hills.

Carten, Job Done