Not a wink

I will make this a quick why and as it technically Wednesday at 1:37 AM but I wanted to keep posting up-to-date.

Last night i.e. Monday night I didn’t sleep at all.

It was about 5 AM before I drifted off and tied it up getting out of bed at 11:30 AM. That’s not particularly good when you have a dog who is used to be walk arts a lot earlier than that.

To make matters worse I had a whole bucketload of paperwork to catch up on in the meantime as well especially with regards to signing on tomorrow well Wednesday.

I ended up meeting Sue this afternoon albeit a little bit later than advertised to fix her Apple Mac computer.

What turned out to be a simple password reset something a lot more complex than that. Long story short they have to reinstall everything and they have lost everything.

If they have a bit more patience maybe I can retrieve some of the documents they have on their but that’s entirely up to them.

Tonight I ended up in a pub called Mullins where I ended up chatting to an Irish bloke in a pub. I picked the wrong corner of the pub as sometimes you get the pubs like this where they have a guy who’s just willing to talk to anyone and to be honest it was nice to have some company towards the latter end of the evening.

Getting the train back to spam half was no problem at all and I even got a Donna in a box.

Yes that even same is more disgusting now I’ve written it down in Israelite but basically it is kebab meat, chips with some mayonnaise thrown in. Not bad snap for four-year rose but I know that I need to eat something healthy and soon.

So all in all a pretty uneventful day but the good thing is I did manage to find the route to the park without getting lost.

Also it’s apparently going to snow tomorrow which would be awesome. The weather here is strange, outside of the city it has been snowing something good and proper but in the middle of the city in Munich nothing at all. So far it hasn’t been overly windy but that is due to come in at the end of the week no has been overly cold if anything it’s been about four or 5° higher than back home.

I almost met my first friendly German today when I was at the pub this evening. I am with my chair Rover and he said thank you in German and I said you’re welcome in German but I am not entirely sure I got the pronunciation right.

Germans are very fickle about this.

Wednesday I have nothing planned and I am not entirely sure what to do with myself.

My ambition is to become an online gamer have been put on hold as I forgot to bring a year I would adapter for my laptop now normally this wouldn’t be such a problem but it’s my Windows laptop that I purposefully logged arranged with me for situations such as this

To isn’t it. Not sure what by day has planned for tomorrow but I think I am going to download some more German lessons and see if I can order a Coffey whilst out and about.

Not a wink