It’s Saturday.

Today has been at least slightly productive. I managed to craft a reply to the letter which was complaining about me feeding some animals incorrectly.

It turns out it’s not wanting to do a handover to check all the animals are present and correct is the wrong thing to do. So is tidying the house, cutting logs and wood And feeding sheep from a different section of hay.

I kid you not. Because I didn’t take him some hay from three selected bales on one bail was left at the end of the weekend this is turned into me not feeding the animals properly.

One part that really did make me laugh was apparently in the space of two days the ponies have learnt to bash the sheep away from the sheep feeding troughs.

But what makes this all the more annoying is that after I did the handover I stayed there for 45 minutes just chatting to them.

Even more annoyingly they didn’t actually register any complaints until Tuesday.

And the final annoying thing is that none of this was conveyed to me until I went to go and check my work diary and find that all of the jobs but a hug lined up, made cancellations for, planned for and been removed from the system. No email, no telephone call, nothing.

I might actually post the email that was sent to me. No being honest here the email was sent to me on Tuesday but I didn’t see it until Thursday. Being slightly pissed off and emotional I chose not to reply on Friday (self wallowing) but instead wait till today where I could craft a nonemotional response.

I sent my reply about an hour ago from writing this blog post.

I did get an email to say that I’ve been paid but nothing else. No thank you for your response, no thank you for letting us know, nothing other than I have been paid.

Not even a short but polite email to say your services are no longer required.

I was going to write what the hell is wrong with these people? Have they not heard of talking to their employees, being open or just communicating in general?

I was going to write about how preposterous it is that there is no handover procedure for the end of a pet sitting event.

I was going to write about how ridiculous it seems that someone can wait a few days to raise all of these issues and it just becomes a question of me versus them.

I was also going to write about how I have no protection and how the company is seemingly being run by emotion other than the facts.

I was going to write about home spineless it is just to delete all of my jobs without telling me.

But there is one very important point here.

They have a business and an income, I don’t. So what the hell do I know?

You see when I had my business I always believed in treating customers and employees fairly. Granted this always meant that I got shagged in the arse and always came off worse for it but at least it was a nice ethos.

No it just seems like you treat everybody who works for you like a cunt, grab all of the money you can and fuck everyone else.

What you think about it they have a brilliant business. Out of the £55 charge for a platinum stay, I get £45 of that and 30p per mile where they charge me eight at 40p per mile.

I haven’t worked out the hourly rate is because quite frankly it would scare me to do so.. Obviously you can’t expect a minimum wage for all of the hours you were there because honestly, you don’t do a lot.

You’re pretty much paid to feed the animals in the morning, in the evening and then just housesit.

The downside is that you are expected to provide all of your own food, milk, tea, bedding and so all of a sudden you are earning less than you actually think.

At least the good news is that so far all of the houses I’ve been to have had central heating and had hot running water.

I don’t upside is the mileage. Okay so the company might be skimming 10p off every model but it’s tax free meaning that every single mile I drive I’m earning.

Personally I think that I’ve been given the jobs that other people didn’t want to do.

I realise this may sound like I have some sour grapes but honestly I’m looking at this logically. Most of the jobs I’ve hard I’ve been just out of spitting distance of being able to get home.

On some jobs you may have four hours free day but when you take into account about an hour to drive home, drive back on the expenses incurred suddenly it’s not worth it. Therefore the clients are getting a platinum stay for the price of gold at huge inconvenience to me.

Finally as well Penny, the one complaining about me, said it looked like I didn’t have much experience on a small farm holding. Absolutely 100% correct. I even said this in my interview and that I was more at home with cats and dogs rather than smallholdings.

I mean for crying out loud yes, I did make a mistake with some feeding but nothing serious and I offered to replace the food that I had incorrectly mixed up.

Fact I offered several times to both the woman and the bloke whose place I stayed at I’m told not to worry about it as they have made that mistake themselves. I even reiterated to say that if you change your mind just let me know it’s not a problem. What more could I possibly do to try and make things right and sort that out?

Granted the mistake should not of been made in the first place however it doesn’t help the fact that nothing was labelled, couple that with my inexperience and you get the situation where we are right now.

Anyways, that’s the end of another adventure and losing what was possibly the easiest but most underpaid job I’ve ever had.

I had hoped to hear back about the position in Carmarthen. I’m going to guarantee that once again my location has scuppered me as it’s about a 15 minute drive from my house to the cash generators.

I am tempted to get back at them. They said they wanted a new website and I sort of have one in mind. I know I could practically killed then when it comes to Google rankings and maybe take a bit of business from them.

I’m guessing that on average they charge £12 per hour 45 minute dog walk.

If I remember correctly it’s something like eight pound for the walk and the rest is made up with mileage.

That’s clever because it does a couple of things. It stops the people who want the cheapest service on yet will complain the loudest from using them.

Also it gives a premium feel to the pricing so avoiding those types you look at the price and go that’s too cheap it can’t be any good.

I am all for charging mileage but not at 40p per mile which is the maximum you are allowed to claim by law.

I also have a potential built-in audience with one of the Facebook groups that I am a member of but I know that they also get quite a bit of work from that group.

Again leaving me to conclude that they are getting the nice easy jobs in and around the area on sending me over to the places that they don’t want to do. Well it’s their business on their prerogative to I suppose.

I don’t know what to do I know that some of this is purely a reactionary thing against them. I know not come in the morning I will probably be bored of the idea but right now I’m panicking because my money situation is not the best.

There is also the confidence issue as well. This year I went into it on a high and ever since the first week of January where I got ripped off for working for a month for free it’s been a downward spiral of epic proportion.

My confidence and enthusiasm for doing anything or any business is practically non-existent if I’m honest with myself.

Imagine if I put half as much effort into doing blog posts as I did to actually trying to create something for myself? Imagine if I could turn all of this I was pouring of emotion into something useful.

I don’t know what I have to do in my head to stop scoring up any opportunity that comes my way and stop being so goddamn lazy. Even when training for the half marathons I did barely just enough to get me through.

Anyway that concludes today’s posting. I have a distinct feeling that I’m going to get a proper email sent to me either tonight or tomorrow about the situation.
I would say I’m going for a beer but seeing as all I’ve done this week is get absolutely hammered each night perhaps that’s not the best idea.

It’s Saturday.

Sometimes music hits the spot.

What another strange day. Big ex has been asking me all sorts of techie stuff which annoys me.  It doesn’t take a genius to google the stuff she’s asking.  Before you know it I’m playing Netflix sales guy but was taken aback by being asked to come and install Netflix and password protect it.

Fuck it, I agreed and why not. An excuse to get a cup of tea and out of the house.  Of course part of me wants to get the end away however I’m planning an in, fix leave visit. Something about potentially meeting husband or any of the three kids doesn’t appeal to me strangely enough.

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Sometimes music hits the spot.

The End Of Barking and Pissing Is O So Close…

I’ve just come off the phone with a woman of the dog sitting company that I work for explaining the entire situation about the dogs and the cats. Thankfully she’s incredibly understanding that these things do happen and said not to worry about it.

It’s almost embarrassing to take one of them for a walk. When you take one for a walk down the road you can hear it and by my estimation up to a range of three quarters of a mile. No wonder the neighbours looked at me this morning to say in agreement that they do tend to yap at such an incredibly high pitch it goes right through your skull into your brain.

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The End Of Barking and Pissing Is O So Close…

Barking, Pissing and Shitting Almost at an End.

I don’t feel good, after four days of very little sleep, two small dogs that when they are trying to tear each other to pieces, like to urinate on something the second that you aren’t watching them and when they aren’t doing that they try and hump the poor cats, are continually barking or jumping around the place my patience is really starting to wear thin.

The two dogs, Dougal and Fergus, a small little things but managed to bark at a certain pitch which manages to pierce right through your skull. If you take one for a walk without the other, and you can’t walk them together because they try and rip the living daylights out of each other, the other one will bark incessantly until your return.

They also bark in the morning when they hear the cats moving.
They also bark when I go out to the car to do something.
They like to bark when someone goes past the window.

Take right now for example the barking but Dougal is just sat next to me making whimpering noises. If I let him out he wants to come straight back in and once he’s in guess what he wants to go straight back out. And you guessed it, he likes to bark when he’s outside as well.

When I say the two dogs can’t be together that’s no small exaggeration. in the blink of an eye it went from tails wagging to both the dogs trying to rip each other to shreds. It was vicious, really vicious so much so that even chucking a bowl of water over them wouldn’t separate them.

It was honestly Lombard that at one point both jaws were locked so tightly into each other I actually thought there are going to rip each other’s skin open.

The owner said to me that the last time these two had a fight with each other she got sent to hospital because the dogs had punctured her leg and hands.

So you can imagine my surprise when I accepted this position for the last four days to find three cats added to the mix.

Surely that’s madness? If you have two dogs that can’t be together why add three cats into the mix? Said cats are indoor cats which means the oh so pleasant task of having to empty the cat litter trays twice a day.

Failure to do this means you will get one of the three cats howling at you either incredibly early in the morning or at some point during evening even though there is very little to clean. Of course when the cats start acting up so do the dogs.

As the Cats Are Kept in the Hallway This Is the Prime Location for the Dogs to Try And Urinate In at Any Moment You Take Your Eyes off Them. After the first two days of constantly fighting this battle my patience Started to wear incredibly thin as you might imagine.

The evenings are exactly that much fun either. If the dogs are trying to urinate in the count always or trying to steal the cat’s food, the cats try and still the dogs food and in amongst all this the dogs will either be chasing the cats or trying to hump them.

I kid you not, last night one of the dogs jumped up onto a chair, onto the table in order to try and hump one of the cats. Both the cats do look incredibly minded.

The problem is right now is that one of the cats escaped the other day and hasn’t been seen since. I heard it yesterday meowing out in the back garden but I couldn’t tempt it back in.

The owners already have a slight issue with me as well. It turns out that they weren’t keen on me using their broadband. When they were away they received an email from talk talk saying they were close to their broadband allowance.

I can see both sides of the argument on this one. On one hand I perhaps should have asked permission or at least asked what is their broadband allowance.

On the other hand they didn’t make it explicitly clear that I couldn’t use their Internet but what do they expect me to do in the evenings from 6 PM till 10 AM?.

Here’s a picture of one of the dogs that got wet out two minutes ago and now obviously just wants to come back in.


If there is one positive to take away from this whole situation is the fact I’ve forgotten just how nice it is to turn on a tap and there be instant hot water.

Last night I did manage to go home for a couple of hours and see my cat. I took the liberty of lighting the fire and even managed to sit down and watch half an episode of Gotham before I had to come back and deal with the dogs barking, urination and everything else.

I have one more dog walking appointment this afternoon then I can go home for a couple of hours, come back here for 5 PM, tidy up and I’m out the door at 10 PM.

Since I got back from Oktoberfest I’ve spent a grand total of one night in my own bed.

I’m not one to wish my life away but I really am working forward to getting home, lighting the fire and spending some much-needed time with my cat.

Who knows, I might even actually get to lay in. Till 9 AM.

Barking, Pissing and Shitting Almost at an End.

Meeting the Devil head on…

Oh my god I’ve just done something very very stupid. Since my dad died and I got a harsh reminder about how much he missed my ex, unexpectedly she’s been in contact with me out of the blue. There’s no rhyme or reason to it and to be honest I have been entertaining at which is odd given my past feelings for her seem to have disappeared somewhat.

So on Monday  we bumped into each other at the coffee shop  she springs me about the idea of meeting and jokingly I said okay and Samir text when you’re free, thinking that she is never going to do it and again once she’s got home and had time to come down from a hormonal and adrenaline overload I won’t hear from you again.

So imagine my surprise earlier on today when I got a text saying you fancy meeting up and having a cup of tea.  and of course me being me I said yes. I’d like to say that nothing happened and obviously nothing did although there was a hell of a lot of venting from her about how much I upset her, how much she didn’t know who she was in love with me or the man I was trying to be.

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Meeting the Devil head on…