I’d hope the slag tag trend had ended…

In general graffiti is a pile of shit. Seriously some little fuckwad goes into a halfords, picks up a can of paint probably on the excuse that his vauxhall corsa has scratch, which incidentally probably smells of “da gange” and sets off to deface something.

This is the thing they deface places where the publish are going to see on a train normally so you’re sure that you’ll see their branding and their gang. Fucking idiots who the hell cares apart from the other special types of do the same thing.

So why am I pissed off about this?

Tonight in my local spoons there was a table next to me with a fine set of girls. Not women… girls.. They were over 18 but jesus I swear not one had event gotten close to being 20 yet there they were being served.

On particular lass bordering on porn star looks. Long hair scraped back, nose piercing, the sort of bright red lipstick but in matt to show she’s that sort of classy wearing nice top.

Her most noticeable asset was two tattoos on her collar bones. What the fuck man. 18 and the sort of slag rose tattoos that we all hoped were done and dusted when the slag tag phase came and went in 2016.

However Im the one who’s in the wrong here for noticing and taking a look. The sheer look off what the fuck are you looking at was met by me with a sort of smile and chuckle that says well what the fuck do you expect.

I’m not a twat here however theres something to be said for equality here.

Women have the right to dress how they like and in an idealistic society thats all good. Thats also a world where climate change doesn’t exist, racism isn’t a thing, women don’t flirt with the bosses to get promoted…. yeah podcasts keep banging on about that and no surprise you don’t care with your 50k a year job.. .Wankers….

Yet consider the following.
A woman works into a bar wearing a really short skirt
Short top
Things on display
and blokes look at her like she’s a bit easy and gets offended because she isn’t and has the right to dress like that without judgement.

Bloke walks into a bar
Dressed in a policemans outfit
Acts like a policeman
Talks like one
woman comes up to him panicking asking for help.

Bloke says ah.. i see your confusion.
I may look like a policeman, talk and act like one but sorry I’m not a policeman.

Whats the difference……

I’d hope the slag tag trend had ended…

Cheerio Julie

So im behing on content. A lass that I’ve waited 5 years to date and see how things go decided that “I don’t think tings will work out”

What pisses me off is that at the cinema we were like a real nice couple, holding hands, cuddling watching a film and it felt really nice and for the first im in a very long while I felt releax and you know what I feel comforable.

Yes Im a sucker for when a lass grabs your arm when you walk back to the car or the little moment of kisses when you are together. Should of realised when I smiled and looked at her that I liked her things were on the cards.

Shes mad at me beause i went for coffee for someone from another dating site. Now wait… hang on. I only went to meet this girl out of obligation. ok she was nice i;kk admit but it was teh same thing with helen.

Have I mentioned helen, no idea but helen was awesome and i fucked that up because i met someone before her and was seeing hwo it was goin so as not toseem likea a player.

Helen was fucking lovely and yup, screwed that up

Fuckig hell where the beer

Cheerio Julie

Tour Of Pembrokeshire Cycling

Motherfucker. That was single handedly the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life.

The first 34 miles was a breeze so much so there was a PB in the making for time over distance with me nudging on close to 17 miles an hour. Thats not bad for a fat lad who doesnt train or apply himself.

Those hills, how my legs kept turning I will never ever know. When you see yet another sign saying 20% gradient, other cyclists with all the gear stopping and walking theres a thing in my head that just wants to keep the bike going. There is no shame in stopping, nothign wrong with walking but to me its a sign of ME being weak, my failures. Id rather my heart rate top out at the max of 170 bpm than give up and there were points, emotional points where I wanted to.

The last 10 miles were interesting, a chap from the same cycling club as me got ahead of me, I over took and stayed ahead for many miles till about 5 from the end when he took me on a hill.

Im not a climber at all and to see him power past me was gutting, especially since fora couple of miles he tailed behind me and never once gave me a break by going in front.

3 miles from the end he said “lets roll over the start line..”

1.5 miles to go up a hill he starts pushing. Im thinking fuck im done for. All my fuel has been consumed, whatever is telling the legs to go is beyong my comprehension. Every single tactic I know is being used, efficient peddling, turning the gears and somehow just somehow I’m keeping up.

The second to final left turn beacons, Now we are off the bumpy roads onto smooth tarmac. Think of the nicest roast chicken you might have ever had and thats the joy of smooth, smooth road after 7 hours.

Out of nowhere the pace picks up, cogs start whirring, gears start getting lower and lower, before you know it full speed is achieved but this time im behing, getting waht breath I can from not having to deal with a head wind.

Half a mile down, half a mile to go, part of my head is prepared to let him go and just survive. Just.. Keep…. going.. At this stage the effort of cycling solo has taken a toll on me and his back wheel starts gaining a small amount of distance. You cant afford to drop off more than 1.5 meters from the person in front. if you do the effort needed to catch up takes some doing…

Up ahead the final left turn, 7 hours of saddle time can come to an end with one more turn to the end. Stil hot on the back wheel I’m planning one desperate last push. This isnt about winning or beating right now, its purely showing I’ve given my all. Granted I screwed up my eating, drinking and fuelling but surely theres a final effort.

We hit the last left, Andrew takes the inside which leaves me the outisde so i can swing around keep momentum. however… theres a twist.. he has a weakness.. family.

They wave to him and he slows down to say hi but then starts sprinting to the finish, side by side with 100 yards left the worst happens.

A woman crosses the road with a small child. Said small toddler drops a ball.. then falls over. on go the anchors to slow down obviously but andrew really has slammed them on.

Thankfully child and mother get out of the track in plenty of time. I head over the line, arms aloft like some fucking hero and looking like a twat.

I survived.. A week later i iknow ill stil lbe in pain and asking why. Why.. because why not….

Just to point out it wasnt abotu beating someone, it was purely about seeing how far I can do. My ass was severly kicked on the carten, I loved the comment about how long you been here i was met with the reply “I’ve been here long enough”. classy move I will admit.

I did it.. Normaly I hate writing the letter I, but in this case I did it.

Tour Of Pembrokeshire Cycling

Carten, Job Done

Its the weekend of the Carten. This is a mammoth 106 mile ride from Cardiff to Tenby. Now that may seem like madeness but the true insanity starts after mile 65.

Thats where you start hitting the hills and after the adreneline of the start and seeing people in front of you, this is where the real pain factor starts.

This year was hard knowing that no one was going to be at the end to celebrate, no fan support along the track. Nothing.

This year I was some 7 minutes slower than before but that’s ok as the stretch of 4 miles gradual climbing didn’t beat me, i didnt break and I got to speak to a stupidly amazingly attractive woman cyclinst who I though was called Liv but that turned out to tbe the name of her bike.

2 weeks time it’s the tour of Pembrokeshire.. Thats going to be hard. Less distance, double the hills.

Carten, Job Done

Cheerio work

You know the day isn’t going to go well when your personnel manager walks in, wondering where you manager is and given I’ve seen emails which point to my imminent firing. Sheesh.

So the meeting room is booked and I think I’m out of here by three as there the manager never comes into the office for two days.

Will post more as the day goes along.

1142. C1 has just gone for his meeting with manager. Now this week he’s been incredibly friendly with me. Even CHATTING to me about work and non work things. This I find odd as he’s only ever happy when I’m on my ass.

said it before but worth saying again. I’m managed by a manager who’s here once a month and a guy who’s so close the the spectrum he might as well be called Clive Sinclair.

1212. Clive and manager are back.

1250. C2 and manager go for their meeting. I’ve developed a chesty cough and need some mess. Taking an unhealthy amount of drugs to get though today.

1356. Here we go.

Cheerio work