Why Marxworld?

Those who know me from years ago know of the very first original Marxworld.net blog.  This was created out of desperation to understand events that happened in that particular time of life.

This then evolved onto a creative outlet, to shock, muse and eventually became the world of ch******* (censored for a very good reason)

Years passed since the need to blog came up as all and sundry these days have something to say.

After being made homeless twice, loosing jobs, moving out of england, starting up a company, learning to surf, living in a caravan, in a flat and then in a mouldy bungalow, finding love, screwing that up, finding love again, having a gorgeous girlfriend, getting a house together, a dog, taking on her child, loosing it all due to her cheating, being cautioned, threatened  with the police daily……..

Now is a good time to start blogging!

* note
my policy on blogging is always to present both sides to an argument or view in the aid to understand and learn from that.  Unlike most sympathy and winning people over isnt me.  If you read this you have your own choices and decisions to make to form opinions on my blog.  Nothing is written on this site without proof, how can things be slander if proof is evident?

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