So. We went for lunch . 

It’s fair to say we have been emailing quite heavily over the last week or so.
Been anything overly serious or flirtatious, if anything I have tried my utmost not to do any flirting because as I’ve said before I am not very good at it and be may be she could actually be a friend in the world and friendships are possibly something I am lacking in my life right now.

Anyways I was a little bit surprised that on Thursday I got an email saying that her husband wanted to go and get something from town, she’s volunteered to go and pick it up and did I fancy meeting for lunch. I might be stupid but I’m not that stupid and before you know it it’s Friday afternoon, she’s picking me up from work, just around the corner so obviously nobody sees, and we make our way to a nice little cafe overlooking a river.

I made a point of sitting next to her because I wanted to enjoy the view, both of them. The cafe really does have a stunning view when you sat next to an attractive woman you kind of want to be in a position where you can admire it. Not so much checking her out but well it’s obvious she does a little bit of working out and is nice to see some muscle definition and all that. For a lady who has had two kids she certainly done an amazing job of getting into shape which is unsurprising considering she’s either running or going to a fitness class.

I don’t think I mentioned it but as if looking good, hammy a good body, having a wicked sense of humour is enough is also incredibly intelligent. She is lent to languages, learning a third, learning how to code with her kids on an iPad, researching things for work and a whole lot more. She is one of those annoying types who happens to be the complete package but of course is married with children.

The drive there was actually pretty funny as we hit the first roundabout I said to go left and she went completely the wrong way which is good because it gave me the opportunity to gently take the pace and become a running joke. She’s even admitted to me she doesn’t know why she gets so nervous arraigned me which I think is a good thing?

We arrive, pick a table after a few moments of sitting in the car with each other and I am starting to wondering should I lean or do something but I decided against that. It is utterly bonkers being like a teenager all over again LOL.

We make our way inside hand I intentionally pick a seat next to her instead of across from her other want to check out the view, both of them. She is looking stunning as always and there’s a really nice view out of the window.

Cough is ordered and Wi-Fi password obtained within a few moments am taking a look at her iPad pro and trying to work out white stuttering. Yes to top all things off it turns out she is a bit of a geek is well. The conversation soon turns towards her asking me why my single and I just say I don’t know. Percent unbeknownst reason I end up telling her about my time in Germany with Nina about being pretty much a really close and intimate couple for a long weekend but never having sex. FYI still bugs me what the hell did I lack the her not to drop in knickers I want to be banged senseless yet the moment I am away she goes into a bar, find an Irishman and in her words her knickers were off before she even got to his room.

The conversation then inevitably moves onto her feeling a little bit guilty about coming out for lunch with me and again I don’t know why I told her that another story. It was the one where after my dad passed I went on a date with a girl and it just so happens that girl worked in the emergency response unit away my dad passed away and hopefully I got the point across as if to say sometimes these things happen for a reason and sometimes the universe will throw two people together.

I am either half arsed attempt to try and tell her that there was something about her that instantly drew me to her but that would have probably sounded a bit weird and very stalker S. I think she took in the right way, hopefully.

Somehow we get onto the topic of the racks in which has a almost Espanol twang to it. In other words it sounds pretty gorgeous and I said something along the lines of you could see any word in it would come out sounding amazing. She says my name and it actually sent a shiver down my spine. Did you know that was going to happen always I have intention? Who knows but that precise moment I really could have just ripped all of her close off LOL

The say time flies when you’re having fun and it certainly did in this case within a blink of an eye an hour had come and gone and neither of us could believe time had flown that fast. We did start talking about when and where we could potentially meet up

With a nice hint from her to say we don’t have to do anything outlandish I should be quite happy in a car park somewhere watching the sea.

Looks like I have to go hunting for a tea flask and a tartan rug.

Referring back to my hastily research dwell sitting on the toilet and using Google knowledge about Eastern European women I tried to open the door for her and did the classic pushed when I should have pulled, typical.

We barely just get outside and she says “oh, come here” and gives me a really nice hug. I am not reading anything into this as Google said this is quite common with women from this area.

As I think about it now was writing this I have a stupid schoolboy grin on my face just thinking about it. She then says to me about is this supposed to happen? You know what it’s like you meet someone, get married, have children and that’s that. Her words not mine I just have no idea but referring back to video she sent me a while ago isolates just enjoy and sees what precious moments of happiness we can get because God only knows there are lots of miserable ones to be had as well.

We make the very sure walk back to the car and she still grinning away saying that she can’t believe that she’s this nervous and giddy around me. I think I look at her square on and say I know exactly where you’re coming from them before you know we are back in the car.

Stupidly I get in the car and buckle up why she is doing stuff in the back seat (I wish) and then it hits me like a sledgehammer that have completely forgotten my manners to get the door for her. I reach across and grab it anyway and apologise for my utter lack of modern manners she was okay with that.

Then she completely surprises me and gives me a brown l bag and says this is for your 4 o’clock.

This is the second time she’s done something really simple and small but it is actually not to be sideways. In the bag is a selection of healthy treats to have at 4 PM with my cup of tea. I’ve said it before and will say again is the simple things in life that can mean the most.

On a side note this does put pressure on me to try and come up with something cute for her and I think I’m going to try some baking. Yes I know but I am quite good at making biscuits actually.

My only response is kind gesture was the simply say you are amazing and I’m sorry I keep calling you that that you really are. Testing arraigned cancel I’m going to try and find what your fault, she says she has many and I so want the you go been perfect again, what do you mean she asks, being part of the way perfect is knowing that you aren’t.

Yes I know that was completely ham-fisted way of paying a compliment but I’m really not very good and the saw stuff

We get back to work and as we drive past the office she looks up and sees one of the top floor offices and says so in so works there so I take it to a small spot just round the corner where I can get out the car and she can drive off.

So there we are, we hug and just as we’re breaking the hug I give a kiss on the cheek. Just something nice and non-overdoing if that makes sense. Well you should have seen her blush and go bright red for yet another time we’ve been together. Cheekily I then just say well I might as well do the other one now and believe me it took every single thing I had not to go in for the full Monty.

Yes this is in my traditional downbeat, oh woe is me blog by want to share a nice thing that happened today. Going out for a decent food with an incredibly attractive woman who just happens to be a bit of a geek, switched on and funny makes a very big change in my world.

In my head I know she is married and is probably the typical bought his wife syndrome, and somebody comes along who takes notice of her own values what she has to say and actually listens to her and all that jazz.

So basically I am not in anyway shape or form deluding myself but to spend a bit of time with her and nothing necessarily needs to happen then I think I’ll be okay without.

After all the good ones are always taken.

So. We went for lunch . 

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